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Understanding the Importance of Leadership in Business- 4 Points
2011-08-25 03:00:53
There are so many aspects of running a business well There are some qualities you absolutely need to have; one of these is a good leadership instinct

Leadership Development Training and Negotiation
2011-08-23 06:28:12
Negotiation is an important aspect of managing and leading It can come into play during many different situations throughout your management career

Taking the Ouch Out of Relationship Conflict
2011-08-11 20:10:53
Love it or hate it, it won't ever go away No, not the angst of those extra 10 pounds; what I'm talking about is conflict

Leadership "Beauty" More Than Skin Deep
2011-08-06 13:19:30
A recent study by Duke University professors indicated that men with square jaws and a strong physical presence won the "beauty" contest or should I say, the casting call for what "real" leaders are meant to look like I wonder if this research will start executive males sprinting into plastic surgeons offices for a chin redo

Leadership Personalities: Laid Back, Hesitant or Avoider?
2011-07-30 22:18:27
Jack was a boss who loved to let his leadership team tussle with issues and come to him when they had solved the problem Often this worked

The Leadership Dilemma
2011-07-26 17:10:56
There have been many books written about Leadership WOW WHAT AN UNDERSTATEMENT

Inspire Confidence To Become A Leader
2011-07-16 15:28:43
Inspire confidence in others to command respect and loyalty Developing the self belief and confidence needed to be a leader

The Persecutor Pattern And Real Leadership Power
2010-05-07 18:17:14
In a recent article in Fortune Magazine (January 18, 2010) there is a sad, disturbing story about a billionaire who has a pattern of battling with his "exes" in court; ex-employees, ex-associates, and especially ex-wives (there are four of them to date) A pattern is a behavior that repeats and repeats in many different situations

Discover the Art of Covert Hypnosis
2010-04-12 18:37:41
The word ?Covert' when associated with the word ?Hypnosis" conveys the impression that something black hat is being referred to and that a person possessing the art can use it in a profitable yet harmful way Nothing can be further from the truth

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Global Security Expert - Mr. Jordan Frankel
2010-03-17 01:01:45
As a global security expert, Jordan Frankel honed his talent in safeguarding homeowners from burglaries and home invasions by using a combination of imagination, street smarts and a love of all things security In his teens, he was already helping local retailers prevent burglaries and costly vandalism

Universal Symbols?Five Intertwined Rings for the Olympics & Steeples For a Place of Worship
2010-02-28 11:10:06
Symbols are objects or pictures that represent a much larger idea Symbols have played a significant role throughout history in how ideas become and influence our culture

Black History Month we Salute General William E. "Kip" Ward, U.S. Commander, United States Africa Command
2010-02-25 05:02:19
During Black History Month we salute all of our military men and women serving our country On January 30, 2010, CNN conducted a live interview with General William E

The Leader as a Mentor and a Director
2010-02-23 07:23:30
As a leader you must be many things to many people We have discussed in previous posts the need for a leader to be a visionary because involving people in realizing a compelling vision provides a beacon for the future and a standard of excellence

Communicating Within a System: Appreciating and Respecting Individual Differences
2010-02-22 17:52:09
Like it or not we all live and communicate within systems A system being defined as a group of people with which we must interact on a regular basis

Two Distinct Minds
2010-02-11 22:08:16
We have two distinct minds?our conscious mind and our subconscious mind Most of us are very aware of our conscious mind because we "seem" to spend a great deal of time there

Top New Years Resolution Ideas and How to Start Preparing For Them Now
2010-02-07 16:25:14
Christmas is just around the corner and many individuals are starting to think about what kind of New Years Resolutions they will make this year With just a little over three weeks left until New Years the decision must be made soon and even sooner if you wish to prepare for those New Years resolutions

6 Ways to Make Better Decisions
2010-01-29 16:17:51
One of the things about really effective managers and leaders is that they have to be able to make good decisions However, decision making is not always a simple process

Conquering the Need For Instant Gratification
2010-01-25 14:08:26
Most of us have important goals that we hope to accomplish Our intentions are good and our plans are often well thought out and well focused

Benefits of a Good Coach and Mentor
2010-01-22 22:57:32
A person heading into business for the first time, whether online or offline, will often find the waters murky and difficult to navigate It is easy to follow the wrong path and hit a rocky outcrop, before ever reaching the shore and achieving any sort of measurable success

The Ethical Behavioral Range of Values
2010-01-22 14:37:53
Participation in crime, as an example, can be viewed as the worst failure of the professional in terms of behavior antithetical to the public values of his or her profession However, crime represents only the tip of the iceberg of activities that fail to further the public values that justify a particular profession


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