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How Do I Get Hits To My Websites?
2006-12-12 14:59:04

How Do I Get Hits To My Websites?

 by: Aziz Meknassi

How do I get hits?

This has to be the number one question asked by online

marketers, and I come across it regularly, and for good

reason. After all without getting hits to your site you

can't sell anything. The problem is not only do most

people go about this the wrong way, but when this question

is approached either directly or through guides, they're

giving incorrect answers too, which, if you've asked it

before, will consist of buying some sort of service or some

sort of a*d that will solve all of your traffic problems.

Although this may seem like the way to go at first glance

it's actually totally counter productive to your efforts.

One thing I want to point out to you first is that your

initial aim isn't to get hits to your site at all, and

getting a massive amount of them isn't a priority.

Understand that you only need to pull ten or twenty

thousand hits in total, ever, to your sites to make them

successful. Of course this will go up as you progress

through your resource building, and that's key here. The

resources that are built and that you can use over and over

again. (That’s your big 5, affiliates, list, customers, long

term customers and joint venture partners).

The problem comes when someone tells you to go out and bu*y

ads from wherever it might be, search engines, e-zines,

whatever. If you don't have the resource collection

methods set up to collect the big 5, you're going to have

to be starting all over again with your promotion every

single time you launch a product. This is the exact reason

that, no matter how many hits some marketers get to their

sites, they will never earn more than a couple of thousand

dollars a month profit, if that even.

The second problem comes when people assume, or are indeed

told, that you need to get hundreds of thousands of hits to

be a success. This is definitely not true either, although

again I see how it may seem like that on the surface.

That's why I always teach intro products and follow-up

large products, because lets face it, how many $1200

products do you need to sell in a month to equal your

current personal income from your job, if you have one, or

to reach your goals of having more FRE*E time, more money in

the bank etc.

Also, lets not lose sight of why we started in online

marketing in the first place. It definitely wasn't to

spend massive amounts of cash trying to get your website

stats to read high numbers. Numbers don't mean quality, no

matter what anyone tells you, this is fact. Compare one

single 10k list of joint venturing to 100k subscribers of

an e-zine a*d. I assure you, for a start, you'll get more

click throughs from the JV in the first place but put the

numbers together and you'll get a far higher percentage of

sales through the single quality joint venture.

So how do you get more hits to your site? Well first off

the question is void because more rarely means you'll get

better results. Look for quality, and the answer is joint

venturing, building these resources, and having others

promote your products for really high commissions to

attract the numbers. If you're only hitting a few thousand

hits per month from these joint ventures, that's not a

problem. Forget guaranteed hits, forget e-zine ads for

directly promoting your site and forget search engine

positioning. They might bring you more in the way of

numbers, but it's big sales we want, not big numbers. In

that situation always think quality over quantity, which is

what the whole of this report is teaching.

So ask me again when you’ve carried out a couple of joint

ventures and have begun to build your affiliates, your

customer base, your contacts and your list, how do you get

hits to your site? That’s why you’ve been building your

resources. That’s where your visits and sales come from.

The more products you launch, the more resources you

gather, the easier this is. The most expensive time

consuming part is getting started. After this, it’s cheap,

quick and easy to recycle what you’ve gathered to produce a

never ending flow of visits and sales.

Aziz Meknassi

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About The Author

Aziz Meknassi is a self improvement addict, martial arts instructor, multi-lingual and webmaster of a free self help online reading.

Source: How Do I Get Hits To My Websites?


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