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SEO - WSSYA (Where to Successfully Submit Your Articles) for high rankings
2006-12-12 14:59:04

SEO - WSSYA (Where to Successfully Submit Your Articles) for high rankings

 by: Decebal (Dudi) Scraba

You have an interesting, well-written, SEO-wise article and you want to enhance your web site's visibility by submitting it for publishing. If your article is ready for the web (check out also my "WAF free quality inbound links" article), you might want to consider the following in order to secure best results:

1. Keep in mind that you need targeted traffic

Prospective clients are within the visitors that are interested in your site's topics. On the other hand, search engines will value your site if the URL in the author's box is placed near relevant content related to your field of expertise or business. Therefore you should carefully choose where you submit your article.

2. Do some research work yourself

Concerning the websites / categories you intend to submit your article to, check them up at least for:

- Google Page Rank

- Link Popularity (how many other sites display live links to it)

- Traffic Amount - popular sites are listed in one of the major traffic analysis services present online

Your article (and URL) on highly popular websites means high rankings on search engines as well as traffic on your site, so make the best of your shared knowledge.

3. Make sure that you don't give something for nothing

Check out the "terms and conditions" of the sites you submit your article to. Check out other articles published on these sites. Make sure they will provide a live link to your website. Serious sites will do this.

Some other sites - usually those who will take your article from other sources than directly from yourself - will only display your name, without an active link to you. You can have this (unpleasant) surprise, but "it comes with the territory". You might want to tell to your readers, in future articles, which are these "free-content-grabbers".

Whenever you are asked (in writing) to provide a copyright release for the reprint rights of an article, make sure you specifically ask (in writing) for a live link to your website, beside your name as being the author.

4. Check your status from time to time

After your article has been published, use different popular search engines to carry out some searches as follows:

- type in the search box the article's title + your domain name (between quote marks) and examine the results. Obviously, it will be very helpful to have an original, easy-to-find title (read more in my article "WAF free quality inbound links").

- type then the title of your article + your name. If there are listed more sites (domains) than in your first search, note the differences and visit those sites - you may find out that they only display your name and no active URL of yours. Even so, it is wise to check also the sites were your domain is present and see if the links are active.

Of course, these searches are time-consuming, but it should be part of your SEO strategy and it will help you quantify the results of your work and see if it pays writing free reprint articles for the web. Eventually you will be able to make your own list of websites that worth submitting articles to and a list of the ones that should be avoided.

5. Be aware about Newsletters.

If you are posting valuable articles, some webmasters might use it for their newsletters. This can be very good or very bad for you. Let's see why. . .

The good thing about popular newsletters is that they reach a lot of people. This means extended web exposure for you and your website as well as traffic - generated by your link placed in the author's box. If you check your site's traffic statistics when an article of yours is published in a newsletter, you will notice a significant increase. This is the "bright" side of the coin.

The "dark" side of the coin is that you may be considered a spammer without having anything to do with it. If the mailing lists of the newsletter's owner are not properly targeted and matched with your article's topic, some recipients might consider it spam and report YOUR domain as a spammer. Anyway, if this doesn't happen too often, your domain will disappear within days from the "spamming domains lists". So, being published in a newsletter from time to time is a good thing for you and your business.

If it is to draw some conclusions, I would say that it is a good SEO, web promotion and search engine marketing practice to submit articles for being published on the web. Just choose popular, honest, reliable and topic-matching web publishers, so that you can get the most of this SEO and web promotion technique. Read more, on, to find out more and good luck to you all!

About The Author

Decebal (Dudi) Scraba - Graphic Designer, website SEO optimization specialist and owner of - a source of web resources.

Source: SEO - WSSYA (Where to Successfully Submit Your Articles) for high rankings


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