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Using Your Rotator Site as an Online Secretary
2006-12-12 14:59:04

Using Your Rotator Site as an Online Secretary

 by: Scott Harker

You are online, working your advertising program and you come across

a site which intrigues you, you sign up, bookmark the affiliate link

to a folder and go back to you're main work. With the best of

intentions you mean to get back to that new link, but you never

really do. Why? Because the folder where you bookmarked that link is

already full of possible websites to add to your workload. And let's

face it, all those links in that folder look alike, they are

intermingled with all sorts of other links, etc. You know the picture

because you have folders like that!

I take a new affiliate link and place it into my rotator link and let

it simmer for awhile. A Rotator Link Site advertises many websites

with one link - the rotator link. By placing this one Rotator Link

into an advertising program you can display many different websites

one after the another (in rotation), getting traffic to a lot of your

websites with one effort. I routinely monitor the different sites I

have in rotation at my Rotator Link Site, so I know I will get back

to that new affiliate program. That program is in rotation and

getting some traffic, if it gets some response - sales or downline, I

will definitely pay attention to this affiliate link. On the other

hand, when I get back to this new link with full concentration and

discover that it was more hype then substance. I can delete and

forget it.

This is one reasons to use your Rotator Link Site as an online


Another reason to why your Rotator Link Site can be your online

secretary is the ability to KEEP TRACK of the many affiliate and

personal websites that you have.

You are using a friend's computer and want to share a hot program.

But you can't remember the URL for that particular site. You could do

a search and find it, but you want to give out your affiliate link.

No problem. Go to your Rotator Link Site, log in and go to your list

of URL's. Choose the program link you want to share (and maybe a

couple of others). And, voila, you friend is informed and impressed.

I use this same idea when I want to plug in one of my affiliate links

into an ad or traffic program. Once again all of my best money making

programs are at my fingertips. A quick trip to my Rotator Link Site,

a copy and paste, and I'm ready for another task.

Use your Rotator Link Site as a repository of your most important

affiliate and website URL's and for new links as you find them. And

if you're not using a Rotator Link Site, check out the link in my

resource box.

(c)Scott Harker, All Rights Reserve

About The Author

Scott Harker, online marketer and consultant.

Source: Using Your Rotator Site as an Online Secretary


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