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The Secret to Earning an Extra Income Online
2006-12-12 14:59:02

The Secret to Earning an Extra Income Online

 by: Timothy Rohrer

I know from my personal experience that for the majority of people in today’s world, it’s not easy to make ends meet with one source of income. We begin to look for alternatives that will temporarily fix the problem, such as a bank loan, credit cards, or a second job. All of these alternatives seem to either leave us in debt, or a lot less time to spend with friends and family.

When it comes to making money online, many people are skeptical of the internet. I’ll be the first to say that 99% of the programs available online do not work. I have tested program after program only to be disappointed and robbed of my money. It took me 5 years and over $10,000 spent to finally figure out how all these so called internet gurus were making thousands of dollars online. What I didn’t realize is that rather than wasting money on programs that were scams, these people were leveraging themselves in programs that did work.

The first thing you must be able to do is find a program that works and has a proven track record. Many programs that claim to make money online do not work, however there are programs that do. The trick to finding the programs that do work will contain a real business address or a legitimate phone number. E-mail them and ask questions, call the phone number and research the product.

Many people are making money online off of what’s called a HYIP. HYIP stands for high yield investment program. I personally like these, and you can leverage yourself, but they are extremely risky. Many HYIP’s will last only a month or so until they fold, however there are HYIP’s that have been established for years and paying extremely high returns. Again, it’s important to check out the HYIP, talk to people already involved in the current HYIP you are interested in and never invest until you know for sure they are paying.

Making money online comes from consistency. Over 95% of people trying to earn an extra income online fail simply because they give up. My advice is that when you find something that works, stick with it. Earning money online is like building a business, it will continue to grow and expand the more effort and time you put into it. There is no such thing as, “get rich quick.” The truth of the matter is that it may take a while to find a program that works, but when you do its well worth the effort.

The secret to building wealth online is to find something that allows you to leverage yourself providing a modest return on your initial investment. Stop working for money and start having your money work for you.

Copyright 2006 Timothy Rohrer

About The Author

Tim Rohrer is an established home business owner. Learn how Tim Rohrer makes thousands of dollars per month.

Source: The Secret to Earning an Extra Income Online


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