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How to Write a Great Sales Resume?
2011-09-28 08:10:49

Selling Your Skills - How To Write a Good Sales Resume? Our sales and marketing recruiters receive hundreds of resumes on a daily basis. While we know that a resume is only a snapshot of any given individual, it is a means of getting your foot in the door and may determine whether or not you get the interview. Here are some basic guidelines to follow when writing your resume that will guarantee you a shot at the job. Format Because our sales and marketing recruiters have so many resumes to review, first impressions are very important. If your resume is not formatted clearly or looks like it was put together in a matter of minutes, chances are no one is going to take the time to look at it more closely. What matters most is that your resume is well organized and easy to read. It is better to stay away from fancy formatting style choices that may appeal to your eye but serve no real purpose. Especially because most resumes are now submitted and sent via the internet, extra formatting flourishes translate poorly from one computer to the next and all the work you have done will go to waste. When it comes to resume format, clear and simple is the way to go. *A note about proofreading: Double, triple and quadruple check your resume for spelling and grammatical errors. We have had clients turn down candidates simply because there was a silly spelling mistake on their CV. Content In addition to your contact information that should be listed clearly at the top of the page, your sales resume should include a summary/highlights section, previous employment section as well as a section on education and any special training or certification you have had. In the summary and highlights section, include any major accomplishments you have achieved throughout your career as well as any buzz words related to your strengths as a sales person. When listing previous employment, include bullet points on tasks, responsibilities and achievements. Figures are always important to include as they provide concrete evidence that is indicative of your sales abilities. If you were unemployed for any significant period of time or left a position soon after taking the job, it might be a good idea to include a brief sentence stating your reason for doing so. A valid explanation will help dispel any negative assumptions the reviewer may make. It is also useful to list your educational background and professional training you may have had. What Not To Include? Avoid including information about you personal hobbies, interests and family on your resume. While they may be important to you, they provide no information about what type of salesperson you are. and do not belong on a professional CV. Other Tips: -Use language that is direct, clear and to the point -Omit the use of personal pronouns -Do not copy and paste company descriptions from their website. If you include a description of your firm, put it in your own words.

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