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Why Metal Roofing is a Better Choice For Your Next Building Project
2011-09-27 18:20:30

Metal roofing is becoming more and more appealing to contractors. It offers many attractive features that include long-term savings and durability. Consider the following two major reasons when comparing traditional roofing styles to metal: Traditional roofs require periodic maintenance that makes them harder to maintain and costly over a period of time. While metal roofs are self-maintaining and are not easily damaged by nature. They are also considered green material because of the benefits to both the homeowner and the environment. A few good reasons to consider a metal roof starts with: ? Durability: A metal roof can last upward of 60 years before it needs to be replaced. It can withstand harsh weather conditions and will not leak like a traditional roof. Over time a traditional wooden roof will begin to rot causing weak spots in the construction. Harsh rain or turbulent storms can further increase the damage by causing leaks that eventually require repairs to the roof and to the ceiling of the house. ? Security: A metal roof offers homeowners security with its impenetrable surface. Rain, snow, storms, small animals that include termites and birds are unable to penetrate the surface so no more worries about leaks or damages that causes leaks traditional roofs may need to be repaired due to damages caused by a storm. ? Energy Efficiency: Homeowners who have metal roofs lower their energy bill as a side effect. Metal roofs keep homes cooler during hot weather making it unnecessary to run the air conditioner for long periods of time. It can lower an energy bill by an estimated 40%. That is a considerable amount over a long period of time. ? Eco-Friendly: Metal roofs are recyclable, which means once it is time to be replaced it can be taken to a metal recycling company as opposed to traditional roofing materials that are no more good after many years of use. Homeowners who are interested in metal roofing usually consider steel as an option because it does not easily crack, bend or shrink and it is unaffected by harsh sunlight or strong winds and rain. It can come in different shapes and sizes, which offers a range of looks that can match any taste. Unlike its appearance it is extremely lightweight and durable. Steel roofs are also recyclable so buyers are also helping the planet rid itself of unnecessary waste. Agricultural metal roofing is popular on farmhouses. It is the best way to cut cost associated with building a farmhouse. Its weather protection components are great for keeping animals and their supplies dry. Its sturdy construction saves money over the long run and is considered one of the best methods of living Green. Unlike the metal roofs of yesterday modern metal roofs offering a range of colors and varieties to choose from. It instantly adds style and attention to your home. Some metal panels can resemble other roofing structures for a more custom look. They can also be purchased in different colors to match the rest of the house. One of the biggest benefits to having a metal roof is the $1,500 tax credit given to metal roof homeowners a nice incentive just for living greener. Eventually the roof will pay for itself through the lack of maintenance and savings from the reduction in energy costs.

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Source: Why Metal Roofing is a Better Choice For Your Next Building Project


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