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Use Credit Cards to Improve Credit Score
2011-09-27 07:46:36

Having a low credit score affects a lot of things such as employment application and mortgage and car loans. If you are one of those people who have a low credit, use credit cards to improve credit score. This does not mean that you only have to open a new credit card account to make everything fine. Like any other process, credit score improvement also takes time and motivation. Firstly, you have to get a copy of your credit report from one of the three credit issuing bureaus nationwide. You can have a free copy from any of the three bureaus once a year. Once you receive your credit report, check and read it carefully. Check whether all the items on your report are correct and accurate. If you find errors and unrecognizable items, call the bureau immediately and report to them your observations. Request a correction or removal of the errors in your credit report. If your low credit rating is due to a debt that is waiting to be paid, pay as soon as you can. You must save money in order to pay for your debt or even work for longer hours to do so. Stop spending money on things that you do not need and buy only your basic needs for the day. Refrain yourself from going to your favorite malls or establishments so that you will not be tempted in buying different things and charging them on your credit card. Paying your debt will greatly increase your credit score too. The larger amount you pay every month, the faster your outstanding balance will be cleared. If you are hard up in paying for your monthly due, talk to your creditors and come up with a payment plan. If you agree to the payment plan, make sure to follow it strictly and pay monthly. Once you have paid all of your debt, you can already use another credit card account to boost your credit score. You can open a new credit card in order to establish a good credit. Use your new credit card to transfer your payments from your previous card. This way, you will not only use one card in paying all of your balances but you will distribute your payments using both cards. Make sure that once you open a new account, you are able to pay for your balances monthly. Do not let a due date pass without paying the required amount of balance. In addition to this, spend wisely and never ever go beyond your credit limit. This is because once your balance goes near or beyond your credit limit, your credit rating will be greatly affected negatively. Purchase items wisely and do not abuse the use of your card anymore. These are just some ways in order to increase your credit score. You can also boost your credit score by disputing errors on your credit report and most importantly spending wisely and saving money. So if you want to increase your credit score, act and make all necessary steps now.

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Source: Use Credit Cards to Improve Credit Score


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