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An Internet Marketing Plan That Works Part 3
2011-09-26 19:20:54

This is the last of a three part article on developing an internet marketing plan that concentrates on the key elements needed to succeed on the internet. In Part 1, we discussed the key elements of the internet marketing plan and common mistakes made during development of the plan. We also discussed the single most important aspect of internet marketing: keywords. We included the number one keyword mistake business people and developers alike make when setting the marketing plan in place. In Part 2, we further discussed the second most important keyword mistake and then continued our marketing plan by developing the other key aspects needed to succeed on the internet. We Continue: From here on out, it is a no brainer. You have selected quality keywords that meet the four criteria of relevance, traffic, competition and profitability as outlined above. You have a solid USP. You have developed quality content heavy with benefits that help your customer, and you have developed high quality links that will push you up in the searches. This will all result in: Targeted Traffic Targeted traffic is the result of all the hard work you have put into your internet marketing plan. Now you begin to see how every part of that plan depends on the step before it, and they all depend on how you chose your keywords. Without good keywords, nothing else will work. When you have done all the hard work, the traffic will qualify itself. Sometimes this process results in less traffic than you had before, but at the same time results in higher revenue because the traffic is more targeted. Now we move on to the next step: Call to Action This actually goes along with the content, but it is here because if you don?t compel your visitors to take action, nine times out of ten, they won?t. The action you want them to take is not always to buy. You might want them to click through to your products page, or another, related information page, or maybe download a report. Whatever it is you want them to do, ask them to do it. Don?t make them think and if possible don?t let them leave until they have taken action. At the very least, get them to leave their contact information. Once you have done all this, you end up with the Sale Now the real fun begins. You have made it to the top of the ladder. You are on the first page of the search engines, keywords are working for you and money is coming in. Now you have the opportunity to do the cheapest and most effective selling you will ever get. If you have captured the email addresses from a good deal of your visitors, you can now make special offers for up sells, cross sells and additional add-ons to your original sales. Now we come to something that is not on the list above, but is also critical to your success: Metrics Although I have put this one last, it is actually an integral part of the internet marketing plan. Metrics refers to the ability to quantify our successes. We have the ability to see and understand things in a way we never could before the internet came along. When we run a television ad, hand out a brochure or put an ad in a magazine, we have no way to measure how many people actually saw or read it. Nor do we have any really effective way to tell how many people responded to it. Sure, we can ask them, but that is a notoriously inaccurate way to find out. With the internet, we can tell exactly how many people were shown our ad, how many saw our page or our link and we know exactly how many people clicked on that link. We can tell which links were used and which were not. We can tell which content has the most appeal and which content led to sales and even how long they spent viewing our wonderful videos. The first thing you want to do before you start a new web project is to measure where you are now. This sets a baseline by which you can measure all other progress. This is especially important if you are going to hire a marketing firm or consultant to help with your marketing. After your new pages have been launched, it is a constant process of improvement. You must measure, make changes, test and measure again. Nothing will help you improve performance like measurement. Summary In this article, you have seen the major elements of developing a solid internet marketing plan. You have seen the importance of selecting the correct keywords and how everything depends on them. We have also looked at the Unique Selling Proposition, Content, Links and link building, Traffic, Call to Action and Sales. This has by no means been a comprehensive how-to manual (there are whole books on the subject), but it highlights the importance of the major components and what you can expect when developing your own marketing plan. We have also seen that for the small to medium sized business (SMB), it may be faster and cheaper to hire professionals to provide certain pieces of the plan rather than try to do them in house. This is especially true for the keyword research process. I hope that this article has been of value to you, and I thank you for taking the time to read it. I am much honored that you would do so. If you have comments or suggestions, I would also like to hear them. You may contact me via my website, by phone or email. You will find the contact information on the website.

Will Moore is Marketing Specialist at W Moore & Co, Inc, an Internet Marketing and e-business development firm. You may contact him at http://WGMoore.Com - Sacramento Internet Marketing

Source: An Internet Marketing Plan That Works Part 3


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