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Haier Central Air-conditioning is so Popular
2011-09-26 17:20:48

Recently, the Ministry of Railways held in Chengdu Jicai tender, the successful bidder for Haier central air-conditioning, including Hainan East Link, the Chengdu New East Station, etc., a number of railway projects. This is the Haier bid Shenzhen Metro and 100% 100% 2009, after winning Beijing Metro "double hundred" award after winning in the rail transportation industry is another influential works. It is learned that the tender Hainan East Central Railway Investment from 16 to 17 billion yuan, Hainan has the largest infrastructure projects. East Central Railway was opened to traffic, the transmission capacity is expected to peak hours 13,000 people, the annual transportation capacity of 50 million people. East Central Railway, will make the overall upgrade of traffic on Hainan Island, Hainan will the social and economic development has brought great changes, from Haikou, Sanya will only need to arrive 90 minutes or so, Haikou, Sanya, "commute" will no longer a dream, it will be an international tourist island of Hainan, building a strong service guarantee. East Central Railway on behalf of the international tourist island of Hainan, the construction of a new image, its construction needs taking into account the future development of Hainan, the purpose is to construct safe, convenient and efficient integrated transport system, its construction by leading technical standards for inter-city railway, power is the power traction, no exhaust, the tracks are seamless, safe, comfortable and strong, as a compromised site, the most important factors comfortable degree, tender side supporting the central air conditioning team site was very strict. In the bidding process, the ultimate virtue of Haier central air-conditioning energy efficient, low-carbon environment as a whole won the tender side solution for the recognition. Low-carbon environmental program is the key: through the service metro, Beijing Subway, Zheng Xian Railway, Shanghai-Nanjing Intercity rail transportation projects such as experience, the tender for the construction of this high demand, Haier central air-conditioning to create a low-carbon environment solution. Especially for the East Link project in Hainan supporting, in order to build an international tourist island of Hainan to meet low carbon energy requirements of the more stringent requirements, Haier central air-conditioning through the advance of the construction site to inspect the construction site combined with the situation, made from product design, production, drawing design, installation, dimensional preservation of the process solution, ultimately customer recognition. The basis of efficient energy-saving products are: Haier Hainan East Central Railway recommended accessory products for the Haier Ao Yun and more joint central air conditioning, this product has been achieved in 80% of the Olympic system utilization model is - R410a in a completely different and more joint Central air-conditioning upgrades, the new central air conditioning with independent intellectual property rights and core Haier energy technology products, using the latest industry-wide changes over DC United and R410A environmental refrigerant technology, energy efficiency as high as 4.28, of such product refresh energy efficiency industry record, exceeding the Japanese industry in 2007 39.4% of energy efficiency standards. In addition, the use of environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant, ozone layer destruction of the atmosphere is zero, up to the European environmental standards in 2008, the overall quality of leading. In addition to environmental protection and energy efficiency, the Haier Ao Yun central air conditioning and more together to enhance life in the compressor, noise control and other aspects of the industry-leading technologies: high pressure chamber compressor discharge pressure and suction pressure using the poor to achieve the compressor Fast are among the oil, while the unique flexible structure, to avoid liquid impact damage on the press so that extension of machine design life of 20%; in fan design, with a streamlined dual-fan configuration, fully reduced air flow resistance and the vortex flow, air flow increased by 15%, down 3 dB noise blast, not only improved energy efficiency, but also more precise control of the noise. Quality engineering strategy is to protect: Haier efforts to build "quality engineering" strategy is a key factor in winning this one. Haier Group in 2010 as the most important strategic, quality engineering is the essence of the strategy to achieve a win-win with customers, its implementation is as follows: First of all sold products in the ideological shift will provide users with personalized solutions, and then do fine design, fine production, fine arrival, fine construction and quality service, implementation of this strategy to the customer customer satisfaction, while allowing more major Haier has been recognized by customers, order-level million from 2007 to the present level of development repeatedly winning 10 million project. Industry pundits say, desert ecosystems services to the Olympic venue in recent years through the international airport, Daxing Games Changguan Deng major projects, Zheng Zaiqiang one kind of environmentally friendly, stable industry standards into Ye Jie, this success Haidong Xian Ji Zhong Biao Some sections of Chengdu Passenger Station is also the continuation of this Lvse works, I believe Haier Zhongyangkongdiao with Leiji Fuwuquanguo over 21 Ditiexianlu of successful experience, will be more of Shengkeyingzao Jiankangshushi the Ditiehuanjing, Shida Jia Gongxianglvtu that in a cozy. contain a great deal of information about haier air conditioner,haier portable air conditioner,central vacuum ratings, welcome to visit!

Source: Haier Central Air-conditioning is so Popular


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