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Exhibit Design Awards
2011-09-26 05:28:34

Exhibitor Magazine?s Exhibit Design Awards, the most coveted awards in the industry, honor the best trade show exhibit designs. Since 1986, Exhibitor has honored the best designs with one EDGE Award (for Exhibit Design and Graphic Excellence), and multiple Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards in 15 categories. Exhibit Design Award winners are featured in Exhibitor plus they receive a trophy and recognition at the Exhibitor Show, the world conference and exhibition for trade show and corporate event marketing. Judges for the 2011 competition are: ?Gaby Brink, founder and creative director, Tomorrow Partners, Berkley, CA. ?Thom Faulders, founder, Faulders Studio, Berkley, CA. ?Clement Mok, designer, instigator, and consultant, CMCD Inc., San Francisco, CA. ?Peter Stathis, founder, Virtual Studio, San Francisco, CA. ?Michael Patrick Cronan, partner Cronan, Berkley, CA. ?David Meckel, FAIA, director of research and planning, California College of the Arts, San Francisco, CA. ?Debra Nichols, founder, Debra Nichols Design, San Francisco, CA. The 15 categories for the competition are as follows: ?Green Exhibits ? Exhibits that reduce the negative impact on the environment, as realized through sustainability, eco-friendly or recycled materials, and/or a reduction of energy consumption. List all Green elements and practices involved in the entry, and if necessary, explain how they reduce the negative impact on the environment. ?Elements and Details ? Innovative elements or materials that are part of a larger exhibit. Examples of an exhibit element include - a stairway, lounge, reception desk, product display, light fixture, seating ensemble, presentation stage, entranceway, kiosk, conference room, flooring, ceiling, wall, etc. Innovative materials are typically not sold through an exhibit house and include everything from sod to recycled bowling balls to tree bark to life jackets, as well as newly invented materials such as translucent concrete. Note: You may enter an individual exhibit element in this category and enter the entire exhibit in which it appears in another category. ?Small Budgets and Small Spaces ? Custom exhibits measuring 10-by-10 or 10-by-20 feet with a budget of $15,000 or less. ?Island ? Less than $150 per square foot ?Island ? $150 per square foot or more ?In-line ?Peninsula ? Less than $150 per square foot ?Peninsula ? $150 per square foot or more ?Double-Deck ? Less than $150 per square foot ?Double-Deck ? $150 per square foot or more ?First-time exhibitor ? Exhibits created for clients that have never exhibited in a trade show. ?Before and After ? Exhibit refurbishment projects, showing "before" and "after" views. More than 50 percent of "before" exhibits must be reused in "after" projects. List reused components in synopsis, and label images "before" and "after." ?Self-Promotion ? Exhibits that promote exhibit designers, producers, or manufacturers ?International Design ? Exhibits designed by companies located outside the United States ?International Exhibit ? Exhibits designed by U.S. companies for trade shows outside the United States Each winner will receive a feature in Exhibitor?s May issue, read by 30,000 corporate marketing professionals who manage trade show exhibits, corporate events, and meetings. Exhibit designers, fabricators, and their clients may enter. For more information you can visit or contact program manager Linda Armstrong at (972) 317-1005.

Lawrence Reaves works and writes about trade show events and displays. Topics include trade show promotional ideas, trade show product promotion, and all things trade show related.

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