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Investment Research Firm Bullish on Cloud Computing Prospects
2011-09-25 20:54:52

Gartner is a leading investment research company and they have recently published a report on cloud computing and the financial impact for investors. Gartner?s research predicts a growth in the global cloud computing market to USD $148 billion by 2014 with exponential growth in revenues. Growth predictions for 2010 are much closer to home with an annual forecast growth rate of 16.6% providing revenues of USD $68.3 billion based on USD $58.6 billion for 2009. The United States has a 60% share in the market (2009 figures), but this is forecast to decline as cloud computing is increasingly adopted around the world (estimated to drop to 50% by 2014, but still a substantial portion of global market share). Outside of the United States, major cloud computing users include the UK with 29% global share in 2014 (compared to 23.8% for the whole of Western Europe in 2010). Japan accounts for 10% of global revenues in 2010 and is forecast to grow to 12% by 2014. The budget turmoil currently affecting the UK as it seeks to reduce a record high deficit is having a fundamental impact on the UK cloud computing market with the entire government moving to the platform in order to cut costs. This aggressive adoption of cloud computing is expected to filter back through into the mainstream private sector and provide healthy growth prospects for solution providers in the market segment. Cost cutting is clearly a prime driver in the solution?s growth both in the UK and in the United States. Moving from geographical regions to industry segments, Gatner?s research highlights the following as being the biggest adopters of the new technology: ?Financial services ?Manufacturing ?Communications ?Technology The growth opportunities have the industry awash with strategic tie-ins and new product launches as competition to seize and consolidate market share heats up. It is common to see a cloud computing specialist tag teaming with an established application provider such as the recent announcement of the partnership between CA and Salesforce. It?s not simply the mid-tier players who are partnering up and making news ? the big dogs are sniffing serious growth opportunities too ? VMWare has partnered with Google in an effort to increase cloud applications productivity, portability and flexibility. Expect a raft of new product and service announcements from HP, IBM and Dell in the forthcoming months too. Gartner identified customer objections and barriers to adoption of the new technology. Primary concerns included: ?Security ?Service availability ?Vendor viability and service provision ?The Maturity of the solution Security has, and will always be a major concern no matter how old and established the technology becomes; this is not a projection based on great wisdom, it?s simple common sense and applies universally. Security considerations are amplified for customers because of the web-based nature of the technology and there is still something of an aura of concern for clients and IT management teams alike of trusting the business data store to the ephemeral web, even if it is referred to by the more ?angelic? cloud nomenclature. Service availability is again a clear concern, not least after T-Mobiles disastrous escapade earlier this year when its network went down and customers lost data access. This concern should be well on the way to being ameliorated by applying standard DR principles as well as vendors offering built-in redundancy in their service. Vendor viability and solution maturity are two factors which every technology and new product offering has had to contend with, however with the large names pouring significant R&D and capital investment into the technology, it is clear that there will be a sizeable number of top flight vendor solutions available in the future ? the question will be, who is going to end up being bought out and taken over by the big firms with the cash? The bottom line is that the market is set to almost treble in the next 4 years and that growth is fuelled by huge demand by customers, primarily focused on leveraging cost saving potential of cloud computing.

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Source: Investment Research Firm Bullish on Cloud Computing Prospects


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