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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of Central Air Conditioning Purchase Tips
2011-09-25 18:29:28

News the national grid with the improvement of living standard, central air conditioning and gradually into the ordinary household. Central Air Conditioning, also known as residential central air conditioning, a small independent air conditioning system, cooling mode, the basic structure with a similar large-scale central air conditioning, from a host through the air duct or hot and cold water pipes to connect multiple end of the outlet will be cold, heating sent different regions to achieve more than the room temperature regulation, improving indoor air quality and prevention of disease occurred in air-conditioning purposes. With the currently used very widely split air-conditioning compared to the high-tech home central air conditioning, with separate billing, outage compensation, and other areas. So, what kind of family is the preferred choice for domestic central air conditioning, purchase Shi You should pay attention to what time? To solve these problems, leading the direction of central air conditioning Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to come to you answered. First of all, about 100 square meters, or three bedrooms and more Sanshiyiting chamber, install a home central air-conditioning costs are not higher than the installation of split type, installation of home central air conditioning a little more affordable. Second, the house must not decoration. Because the central air-conditioning ducts and units need to hide, it must be fitting together, and some central air conditioning or even the building structure housing requirement, which requires much earlier preparation. In addition, most of the electricity consumption is greater than central air conditioning split air conditioning, so those who want to choose a tariff calculation prior accounts, whether within their own bear. Of course, choose more energy efficient high-quality central air conditioning products, such as exclusive use of dual-mode Mitsubishi Heavy Industries "K" standard central air conditioning, or can solve this problem. Central air conditioning in the decision to use the family after the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to remind you to note the following: 1. to select a certain well-known home central air conditioning brand, product set itself apart from the time of purchase should also pay attention to see their production bases to ensure after-sales service; 2. choose the former, to the central air conditioning units for home quality, price, service and other aspects taken into account; 3. we should focus on considering the structure of their own houses in order to select more suitable for your home central air conditioning products; 4. housing should be well matched by their own power supply voltage is 220V or 380V, to select the right match to their products; 5. according to the size of their own housing and the necessary practical function, to select the energy of home central air-conditioning control; 6. installation design, home air conditioning before, users need to focus on the family as a whole to consider the effect of decoration, in order to achieve harmony; 7. home central air conditioning system design and distribution needs of professionals to operate and guard system design and distribution of the former, the user needs to confirm whether the professional installers and manufacturers recognized qualification; 8. select the installation of supporting material needs to have a quality guarantee, performance test reports and other material. Finally, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to remind consumers: Compared with the general split air conditioning, home central air conditioning is actually a "semi" because it should be compatible with the interior decoration. Home central air conditioning service, not only after-sales service, including pre-sales consulting, design, installation and construction. It can be said to ensure a home central air conditioning system to normal operation, design, installation, construction as important as all aspects of the host device. So home users to buy central air conditioning, be sure to choose good service and good reputation to protect their own interests. contain a great deal of information about kiwi hair products,range hood air filter,pvc air duct, welcome to visit!

Source: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of Central Air Conditioning Purchase Tips


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