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Xiamen Overseas Chinese Electronic LED TV Amazing Debut
2011-09-25 18:20:26

In recent years, the rapid development of flat panel TV display technology, in particular LED TVs has been achieved by the laboratory of conceptual products to consumer goods change. Many manufacturers already have the previous LED TV market, however, high prices and the performance is not stable enough or make it prohibitively vast number of consumers. This situation in 2010 will be a revolutionary change. As known as "international quality, liquid crystal expert" reputation of Xiamen Overseas Chinese Electronics to market a new LED TV. Xiamen Overseas Chinese Electronic Technology R & D has been in industry leadership, why did not the first in the domestic market LED television? Original, Xoceco most important product quality and quality, and those who rush to LED manufacturers to market compared to TV , Xiamen Overseas Chinese television to promote her ideas on the LED is not enough to do even more to do early in the product after the test of international markets mature, Xoceco decided to put volume in the domestic market LED television, indeed Accumulate. The launch of the domestic market Xiahua LED television available Jibei industry experts once known as "Vision of God painting." It is understood that Xoceco LED TV picture quality with industry-leading technology - "God painted ceramic 3", its main features are: 1. using third-generation chips: a pioneering pretty smart color reduction technology color, red, green, blue, green, yellow, purple, skin color seven independent control, accurate restore color space, using CTI technology makes colors more smooth transition fine, substantially enhance the color performance, greatly extended color gamut, vivid vivid true color, while application of brightness, contrast, precision control technology, from 0 to 255-by-stage control signals, with the black-level extension of the blue level extension technology, so dark and distinct, bright area without saturation to maximize depth of field, to the effect of bright transparent; while using Liuduan peaking technology control overshoot and undershoot, sharpening the edge of the screen profile, details of the rich. 2. dynamic gamma technology: According to the dynamic changes in image brightness histogram, control the brightness of television within the intelligent adjustment of changing the overall image bright light, so light and clear and do not expose the dark permeability was not boring, screen layering greatly enhanced, sharp detail visible. Automatically detect the various parts of each image brightness level of the scene brightness according to changing needs and environment, to adjust the backlight brightness, not only to improve eye comfort, but also enable high-performance LCD modules to further decrease power consumption than traditional models to more than 40% energy saving machine; 3. microcrystalline Liang Ying: high-definition movies are generally 24 frames / sec, the motion picture in the current general 60HZ TV screen will come to a halt, not smooth and edge blur and so on. Advanced frame interpolation technology, according to data from two consecutive frames, in accordance with the transition into the new algorithm 4D picture, so that each frame is more smooth, full use of the characteristics of human visual residue, the estimated motion picture rail to insert multiple key frame, making movement more fluid picture, the edge sharper. 4. the new Blu-ray: Support playback TXT text, pictures, music, movies, almost all multimedia file formats, support for NTFS file more than 4G of high-definition, multi screen view, rotation, music and picture synchronization. RM / RMVB support to 720P HD, MPEG2/MPEG4/H.264 support to 1080P HD, Xiamen Overseas Chinese "cross" series of television is full support for multimedia high-definition format on the market one of the products. 5. green: the overall shape fiber Xoceco LED TV U.S. light, its brightness with the brightness can be adjusted to take the initiative, an effective energy saving compared to traditional TV; At the same time, Xiamen Overseas Chinese also developed the design, materials procurement and production implementation of green manufacturing and other sectors. contain a great deal of information about 3w led flashlight,syntax lcd tv,rv led lights, welcome to visit!

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