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The Most Common And Biggest Mistake Made With A Google AdWords Campaign
2011-09-25 17:56:20

I call it sledge hammer selling, which is the biggest mistake made when using a Google AdWords Campaign. Imagine you are searching for something on the internet and you see all the ?Sponsored Links? appear on the right hand side. You take a look at them and see that there is one ad that wants you to buy something but does not give you any information about the product. Here you have a company or individual attempting to get you to purchase something from him or her without them making any effort at all to build a relationship and trust. Also without educating your client you can not show him that the product you have is actually the product that he can not do without. Should he wish to fix his problem or make some task simpler he needs your product. I ask you, would you trust this business, if all it did was sell and not educate or build a relationship with you? How do you know that this is the product or service that you need? Will it solve a problem for you? Do you know what the guarantee is? These are some very important questions that must be answered for a ?Potential Customer? to become a ?Customer?. In the limited space that is available in your ad you can not answer these questions so DO NOT attempt it. Going for the sale at this early stage is Sledge Hammer selling and not a good or profitable business practice. Now lets take a look at another ad that simply states some benefits of the product. You read it and think ?Yes this is something I have problems with and it would be great to sort?. Would you be inclined to click on the ad to find out what else the product or service can do for you? This (getting the click) should be your one and only aim when designing the ad in your Google AdWords Campaign and nothing else. Why not let your website, where you have lots of room and can use images, videos and text to promote your product, do the selling? All the time and money that has gone into your website will be lost if you go for the sale in the ad, as no one will click on it and ever reach your website. You need to ask yourself is it worth it and can you afford to throw away all the time, effort and money you have already spent on the site. I ask this as you will be pushing your customers away not attracting them. Remember your one and only aim for your ad is to get the potential customer to click on it and to go to your website where you can do the converting far better. This is due to the fact that you have a lot more space available compared to the Ad. In the ad you get 35 characters in two lines and on your site you are the person in control of the length of your text. This translates into you being able to get your desired message across with images, testimonials and videos or even audio tracks. All this is only possible if you get the customer to your site. This is why the only thing you should be going after in your ads is the click and nothing more. Let your site do the selling.

Wolfgang at Melbourne Web Marketing is the local Direct Response Marketing Consultant and has the services of a world wide team at his disposal to make sure your Google AdWords Campaign is set up and optimised correctly to ensure you get the best result for your money. Contact Wolfgang now at and see how he can assist you today.

Source: The Most Common And Biggest Mistake Made With A Google AdWords Campaign


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