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Trust Seal and Seal of Approval on Your Landing Page
2011-09-24 22:18:55

With the proliferation of internet shopping sites there are only so many things companies can do to stand out in the crowded world of internet shopping. And of course how can that be done without spending massive amounts of internet advertising dollars. Increasingly shoppers will only do business with established well known sites or one of the major auction blocks or internet malls. As such making your landing page, or your main page, attractive to customers is crucial. One of the simplest and most inexpensive ways of making a favorable first impression with visitors to a site is to display a Trust Seal on the landing page and main page. It is one thing to spend thousands of dollars on internet marketing and other advertising to get visitors to your site. However most of the time getting visitors is not the problem. The problem is converting a visitor to a customer. Expensive advertising dollars has no impact on actually converting visitors to shoppers. This conversion happens while a shopper roams around the site. And to shop they need to have a favorable impression of the site. As a website owner there is limited amount of things that can be done to make a great impression with your customers. A Trust Seal, also known as a Seal of Approval, is the one main thing that can easily be implemented with maximum impact. The Trust Seal will project that crucial image of credibility which makes shoppers comfortable with making a purchase on your site. It also helps greatly with repeats visits and purchases. And of course that ever so important word of mouth referral will come as well. It is also statistically proven over and over again that sales significantly increase when Trust Seals or Seals of Approvals are displayed on websites. This is a function of not only the first time sale but also the repeat and referral customer. The main feature of a Trust Seal is that it is linked to an Instant Verification Page. When someone clicks on the seal it takes the visitor to a page where website information is displayed together with an indication on customer service background and membership status. This is the greatest way a shopper can verify a site and as such verify its legitimacy. This is what creates the trust between the merchant and the shopper. And trust is what makes people shop on a site. When picking a Trust Seal provider ensure that they provide and Instant Verification Page and a stylish Seal which fits in on your site. Do not worry about using one of the expensive sites which could cost hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. The inexpensive sites provide the same service and you should not be paying more than thirty dollar for an annual membership. In addition you should get a free trial membership so you can try out the service. Ensure that the service is suitable for you. In other words the key is to increase your sales while decreasing your cost. That is what a Trust Seal aims to do.

This article was written by Christian H. Nilsson whom operate IBCIM.ORG which is an established Trust Seal provider. The author also specializes on internet marketing and continuously publish articles on the subject. Please visit for further information.

Source: Trust Seal and Seal of Approval on Your Landing Page


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