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Use Twitter to Improve Your Business
2011-09-22 02:46:17

The internet abounds in articles, e-books and white pages written on the efficacy of Twitter in marketing your business in other words, there is a lot of content that screams out the fact that you can improve your b8sjesd with the help of this social networking site but if you are a social networking virgin you are probably wondering how you can make this happen? One of the primary question that a naysayer may have about twitter is what can possibly be accomplished in 140 characters, well h is the beauty of twitter. Remember the one phrase that can best describe the internet is information overload; there is some useful stuff and loads of garbage and when surrounded by so much nonsensical information something short and to the point is much appreciated; just like Twitter which forces you to cut down your conversation to a bare minimum so what you get in essence is a very powerful and effective, to the point messages which can mean a lot when used in a business setting. So let?s talk about how you can tweets to market your business: Marketing involves placing your products and services in front of the crowd in such a way that the will either buy from you today or think about you the next time they need a similar product; whatever your marketing strategy, twitter makes it instantaneous. This is one of the reasons why twitter has gained a lot of attention as the social marketing site of choice for sending urgent and pertinent messages about killer sales, promotional offers and discounts. Many big companies like Dell use Twitter to tell their customers about limited time offers that can help them save a lot on the company?s products. And , if Dell can harness the power of twitter to their benefit, so can you. It is possible to get a few hundred or even a few thousand followers on twitter and even if you an et half of them interested in your niche that can equate to a sizeable amount of business. Twitter is the perfect tool to be used to build brand awareness, customer relationships and communicate with potential consumers. The best part about twitter is that your cost is minimal yet you can blast a message about a special discount offer to thousands of customers at the speed of light almost instantly. Any good marketer knows the importance of speed in getting your message across to your customers. Another advantage is the fact that unlike television and newspaper advertisements which are not only expensive but are blasted across to everybody whether they are interested in your products or not; with Twitter you can be sure that the people who are following you are indeed interested in what you are selling and hence there is a very good possibility that if your promotional efforts are right they may buy from you. Using Twitter for Product development: Twitter can be used to get an idea about the pulse of the market; what your customers are expecting from your products and what they need. Ordinarily, a company would have to spend thousand and sometimes even millions to determine this very information by conducting surveys into target markets but with twitter this can be done in a jiffy. A lot of companies will start a contest on twitter where the people who are following the company?s account are supposed to give their suggestions for new products that the company intends to launch and the person with the most unique and useful suggestion wins a prize. Notice, how you will be able to get a lot of feedback about what people want in your product through such a contest. Twitter from Brand Management: Then there are others who frequently host contests related to the niche of their website or business; such as a popular movie rental business hosts a contest where followers are supposed to answer movie related questions and the first correct answer gets a free DVD.

Seomul Evans is an Marketing Company consultant specializing in Marketing Healthcare Marketing Services and Social Media Articles Consulting.

Source: Use Twitter to Improve Your Business


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