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Revealed! Four Powerful Internet Marketing Tools
2011-09-22 01:55:09

Like all other industries, you need to keep abreast of the developments in the world of internet marketing as well if you intend to turn your business into a success. You will need to know what is going on and what the big fishes are doing. So take some time out to research the products and services that are being offered by the big players in the internet marketing world; here are some tools that will prove to be incredibly handy when conducting your research. Internet Archive: Also fondly called ?The Way Back Machine?; the site actually has several amazing facets that can be used to your benefit; a personal favorite feature is the ability to see the older snapshots of a website. On the site, you will see a box, you simply have to enter the URL of a site to see snapshots taken in the past; you will be able to see the site transitioning over its life time and this will also help you to know about the practices that the business has been following. For instance, if you were to enter the URL of ? , you would be able to see the first snapshots of the site taken when it was launched, subsequently new snapshots are taken every two to three weeks and all of these are stored in the data base. This helps you in a couple of ways, you can confirm that the site has indeed been around for some time; it also lets you analyze how the business evolved through the years and the various tricks used by the marketed over the years; if you look closely, you will even be able to find out about the things that worked and those that bombed. You can also use the tool to know if a webmaster has been telling you the truth about the number of years he had spent in a particular niche; If you find that you have been lied to, you can look for a business association elsewhere. This tool is also remarkably effective in helping you discover new practices that you thought were not possible. Google Alerts This tool can be used to get alerts via email when a new occurrence of an online term is noticed. For instance, set the tool, to your name, the name of you competitors, site URLs, your as well as those of your competitors and product names. Every time somebody talks about these words, you will be notified by an email at whatever frequency you choose. For instance, if you were to ask for notification once a day, you will get an email at the end of the day telling you about the places where the target terms were found. So, you will find out about all the forums, blogs, articles etc in which your products or those of competition are discussed. And, in any business knowledge about your competition can help you to scale new heights. The tool can be used successfully to e notified at the earliest about ay negative or positive publicity. Tweet Beeps: This tool is similar to Google Alert with the only difference being that you are notified each time somebody discusses your target words in their tweets. This is a wonderful way to find out about the various discussions on the social networking sites about your organization and products; which means that in case of negative discussion, you can join the discussion promptly for damage control. Another way to use tweet beeps is to request people who appreciate your products and your followers; who say positive things about to become your affiliates. International Association If Joint Venture Brokers: This is a site that ha several members from the affiliate marketing community including webmasters, product owners, publishers, super affiliates etc; this is the place that these people turn to when they want to keep track of what is going on in the affiliate world. The site can prove tremendously useful to you as well because you will be able to find out about products that are similar to your that are being sold for a higher price and are slated for a big launch; this will also be the prefect time to launch your product when there is heightened awareness among the consumers about the purpose that the product serves; in other words your product will be able to piggy back on the pr campaign of the other, more expensive product.

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Source: Revealed! Four Powerful Internet Marketing Tools


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