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The Impact On Deep Linking On Search Engine Marketing
2011-09-20 14:38:21

If you are seasoned web mater with impressive search engine optimization experience, you will probably know that creating back links to your site is one of the most effective ways to improve search engine ranking. Google has always been very clear and open about discussing the importance of back links in their algorithm; as a matter of fact, the company even recommends that webmasters who would like to increase the traffic to their site should get as many relevant and good back links as they can. Yahoo and MSN were not the ones to be left far behind either, both companies have made it aptly clear that back links can make a big difference to the search engine position of your website. There are several strategies that can be used to gather relevant and useful back links such as submitting your website to directories, purchasing links. Getting in touch with webmasters and asking them for a link, printing material in free internet media etc; however, all f these methods have their fair share of pros and cons so lets explore the concept of back links further. How Many Back Links Do you Need? To begin with find out how many back links your site has; this can be easily done by inserting ? in a search engine. However, you need to make sure that you d this for all the search engines and not just one. There isn?t a set number of back links that you need; however, the concept is quite simple; the more the better. Not only will back links help you to improve your page rank but it will also increase the traffic because visitors to the websites that have a back link to your site may just decide to take a look at your site as well. One of the common mistakes observed in link building is when webmasters create several links to their homepage. It is acceptable to have as many back links to your homepage as you like but don?t expect to boost your search engine ranking exclusively with these; because in all likelihood the other pages in your website may not have a single link unless you are using deep linking. What is Deep Linking? Deep linking is when you get back link for specific pages on your website; for instance; if you have a website that deals with kids related issues; and there are 50 off pages on your site each handling a different area of child care from helping your kid to study to dealing with common kids related ailments; now in this situation if all your links are simply pointing to your homepage , you not reaping the maximum reward out of these back links instead get them to point to specific areas of your website that are relevant. For instance, you may want to get a back link from a medical related website to the webpage of children?s ailments etc. What is a Natural Link? These are back links that a website gets without any efforts from the marketing team f the site. For instance, if a blog owner has to point to an article on your site without requesting you for a back link simply because he/ she likes the content; this would be called a natural link. What are the Problems Associated with Deep Linking? One of the primary issues that you may encounter when deep linking is that when you get in touch wit a webmaster and request him/ he to link to your page, he/she may simply link to your homepage. The same holds trued when you submit to the various directories; a high number of them will only allow you to ln back to the homepage of your site. And, even those that do allow deep linking will not let you submit more than 10 deep links. So, How Do you Go about Deep Linking? Deep linking can be easily achieved by publishing your material in free pint media; for instance, most ezines will let you put just about any link in the ?About Author box?, and this way you can create links to specific sections of your website.

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Source: The Impact On Deep Linking On Search Engine Marketing


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