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CPA Marketing Is A Copy And Paste System Paste Your Way To Profits
2011-09-20 07:55:30

CPA marketing and other forms of affiliate marketing can have a tough learning curve, but there is one method of promoting offers that is about as close as you can come to ?copy and paste.? Sound too good to be true? It almost is, but it?s completely legitimate, and experienced marketers have been making fortunes with it for years. What is this mystery technique? Media buys. The term ?media buys? is far from new. For many years, it has been used to describe the process of purchasing advertising in traditional print magazines and newspapers, or on radio and television. Although these are still perfectly viable advertising mediums, the Internet is the new hot commodity in the advertising market, and holds opportunities for marketers without the deep pockets needed to advertise elsewhere. Essentially, ?media buys? involve buying banner advertising space on websites, with the cost depending on the website?s prominence and traffic, the size of the advertising campaign, the times at which the banners are to be displayed, and other criteria. Payment for these ad campaigns is usually calculated on the basis of ?CPM? (cost per thousand impressions), meaning that unlike PPC, where you are paying each time your ad is clicked, you are paying a set rate whenever a visitor sees your ad. Depending on the ad rates, you could end up getting very cheap clicks. Traditionally, advertisers have had to pay advertising agencies to design advertising campaigns for them. However, many companies with affiliate programs are now providing their affiliates with pre-made banner ads in various different standard sizes for free, either directly or through an affiliate network. As the affiliate, this means that all you have to do do get started promoting affiliate and CPA offers with banners is literally cut and paste a snippet of code. Cut, paste, and you?re done ? no need to wrack your brain to come up with ad copy, spend hours in Photoshop or write any code. It has all been done for you. When you start out, you are in ?information mode? ? you need to make sure that you are getting off to the right start, in the right sort of niche, with the right sort of products. However, all the information in the world is never going to help you if you never get to put what you have learned into action, and this is the step where most people falter. In order to get past this hurdle, you need systems ? meaning not just information but a clear, realistic idea of exactly what to do with it. Of course, just like any other kind of offer promotion, there are tricks of the trade that substantially increase your odds of success, and while you can simply jump in and hope for the best, you are far better off learning from a professional who has tested and tweaked techniques for maximum profits. This course will show you the ins and outs of media buys and allow you to hit the ground running with confidence.

I Robert Morgan started out about 2 years ago in this Affiliated Marketing Busines,when I first started this I did not make any money, I could not follower though,I have learn a lot since then and i just want to Share and Give Back learn more now at http://bit.ly/qkjyT4

Source: CPA Marketing Is A Copy And Paste System Paste Your Way To Profits


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