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24-7 Press Release Review
2011-09-18 04:28:16

A press release can be a great way to effectively promote your business and your website, but the problem that many people run into is where to go to get the press release distributed; enter such companies as 24-7 Press Release. As the name would imply, 24-7 Press Release is a service that allows anyone to effectively distribute their press releases whenever they see fit. 24-7 Press Release is nice in the fact that they have many different payment options to choose from. There is a free service that they allow you to utilize, but in order to get your press release out in front of the masses you will have to pay for it. Here are their different packages: ?Online Visibility: For about $50 you can go with their economy plan and have your press release sent out to opt-in journalists that subscribe to 24-7 Press Release?s services. Your press release will also have the ability to be picked up by the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. ?SEO Professional: This package is about $90 and includes what the first one does only your press release also goes to partners of 24-7 Press Release. Additionally, there is an improved placement with the search engines plus social bookmarkings as well. ?SEO and Media Exposure: 24-7 Press release touts this package as their ?Best Value? at around $140. In this package your press release also gets released to newspapers and magazines as well as the other resources from the smaller packages. The company also says that they give you proof of 40 to 60 links as a result of this distribution package. ?Mass Media Visibility: For the most exposure of all you can choose this $370 package and see your press release get to PR Newswire and their 85,000 members. Additionally your press release also goes to over 5,000 websites and online services interested in press releases. Obviously, how much you are willing to spend will dictate how many people get the opportunity to view your press release and when it comes down to it, the more the better. 24-7 Press Release?s website also has the ability for you or anyone else to search their database for press releases. This gives you the opportunity to see what is going on in your niche and will help you to avoid writing a press release on a topic that is already more than covered. The best part of 24-7 Press Release is that they have a video that you can watch that explains the power of a well crafted press release. You can also now receive a proof of distribution report with every paid package so you know that your press release is in fact reaching people. With all the resources and the proof of work, you may want to consider using 24-7 Press Release for your next press release. With the tools that they offer and the affordable prices they just may be the press release solution you have been looking for.

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