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Press Release Format and Submission Tips
2011-09-18 04:10:17

A press release is a great way to get some much need attention for your business and when done properly you can realize a good number of eyeballs get to view your press release and thus maximize its effectiveness. However, if not done in the proper format then your press release will not ever get to see the light of day because the press release distribution service you are using will not distribute a press release that is not formatted the way they want it to be. How do you know what the proper format is? There is not one standard way to format your press releases as there are many different press release distribution services that you can choose from. While some will require one format, others will require another. However, for the most part all press releases will have to include such items as: ?Date and Place ?Headline ?About the Company ?Contact Info While these items are required in almost every press release, where you put them will all depend on the format in which the press release distribution service you are working with wants them. So the best thing to do before you submit your press release is to check with your press release distribution service and see exactly how their format is laid out. When you do submit your press release you also need to be sure that you are conforming to the rules and regulations of the press release submission service. These are the terms that are spelled out on ever press release distribution service?s website, but seldom read. Many press release distribution services will only distribute your press releases if they are written a certain way and about certain things. Most do not like the kind of press release that looks like a big advertisement and quite frankly neither do people who are searching for news. Some press release distribution services even require that certain font styles and font sizes be used. Failure to submit a press release with the proper font style and font size could mean that your press release goes nowhere fast. It really isn?t all that hard to stay within the guidelines of the different press release distribution services and once you get used to the way they work then it is a breeze. However, if you use multiple press release distribution services, which is always a great idea, and they start to build to a big number then it may start to get confusing as to who likes what. A simple solution to this dilemma is to either make notes for yourself or create a spreadsheet of the different rules and formats of the various press release distribution services. Always remember, when in doubt ask the press release distribution service. While it may take a bit more work in order to finesse your press release into what will be acceptable, by not checking you are only spinning your wheels. The most well written press release in the world means nothing if nobody ever gets to see it.

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Source: Press Release Format and Submission Tips


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