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Discover the Art of Covert Hypnosis
2010-04-12 18:37:41

The word ?Covert? when associated with the word ?Hypnosis? conveys the impression that something black hat is being referred to and that a person possessing the art can use it in a profitable yet harmful way. Nothing can be further from the truth. The clear and universally accepted definition of covert hypnosis is that it is simply the ability to subtly communicate with another person's subconscious mind without them noticing. Covert Hypnosis is the utilization of techniques and strategies to change the perception and behavior of others in a completely unconscious way. The optimal applications for covert hypnosis are in the fields of selling, advertising, marketing, relationships and therapy. A somewhat modified definition of Covert hypnosis is that it deals with the ability of a person to communicate with the subconscious mind of another person. This ability to communicate with the subconscious mind can be done without the other person noticing it. Covert hypnosis is reliant on this first crucial step in order to gain some form of trust. After a form of affinity has been established, a counteractive idea is proposed in the form of a distraction. Covert Hypnosis is a way of using naturally occurring language patterns and non verbal cues to create these effects Let me expand on this with a simple example. You walk in to a department store with no real intention of purchasing something specific. The sales person approaches you and makes a general remark, about the weather for example, and before long you are in a conversation. Before you know it you are describing something that you were thinking of getting. Shortly after you are leaving the store with purchases you never intended to get in the first place. Does this sound familiar? That was covert hypnosis in action by the salesperson. In fact covert hypnosis is also known as ?conversational hypnosis?. The objective is to change the intended behaviour - a sales person, for example, telling the client how good she will feel buying the new product. An intentional use of carefully selected words, body language, intentional gestures that seem commonplace (pointing in a certain direction) and facial expressions (a frown to the buyer to convey the unspoken opinion that she is making a mistake) in order to covertly communicate with someone's subconscious mind. The final objective is to have the person make his own decision to change his mind. Covert hypnosis is in effect a form of indirect hypnotism in that it seeks to achieve near hypnotic states in the listener (sometimes called "sleight of mouth"). The subject is unaware that the hypnotist is either a hypnotising him, or that anything out of the ordinary is occurring as it often takes place in the course of a seemingly regular conversation. Covert hypnosis also used in writing. This requires the active participation of the reader to have any effect. The reader must become caught up in the narrative. Just think of all those well crafted sales letters you have read which had you reaching for your Credit Card long before you completed your reading! Many orators who leave their audiences spellbound are themselves covert hypnotists. They may not describe themselves as such but they are quite aware of the power of their words and the impact which their words have on their respective audiences. Martin Luther King, the Mahatma and Nelson Mandela were persons who held their audiences transfixed when they spoke and often moved them to collective mass action through their process of communication. Just a year ago there were a number of black hat publications positing that as a Presidential candidate Barack Obama had mastered the art of covert hypnotism resulting in his successful cross country campaigns. The publications were intended to shed a negative light on his campaign. This was clearly a politically motivated attempt to divert attention from what is a positive trait that all mankind already possesses to some degree and which the vast majority of us would wish to be a conscious part of our daily lives. Imagine trying to haggle with a car salesman. It would be pretty difficult if you did not know anything about covert hypnosis! The optimal applications for covert hypnosis are in the fields of selling, advertising, marketing, relationships and therapy. It is worth repeating that Covert hypnosis has nothing to do with inappropriate activity or being corrupt. Instead, it is merely a type of hypnosis that is used by all of us to some degree to have some bearing on a conversation. Covert Hypnosis is a very good and easy way to get what you want. Most people use this type of hypnosis to regain control of their life. As such it is an art form which all of us should seek to nurture and develop.

Rudy Collins is a Consultant on issues of Human and Social Development. He also writes informative articles on profitable niches. For more information on how you can learn the secrets of covert hypnotism visit: Covert hypnosis

Source: Discover the Art of Covert Hypnosis


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