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Universal Symbols?Five Intertwined Rings for the Olympics & Steeples For a Place of Worship
2010-02-28 11:10:06

Symbols are objects or pictures that represent a much larger idea. Symbols have played a significant role throughout history in how ideas become and influence our culture. It has been said that symbols represent and communicate who we are and what we value as a society. No matter where you live on this great earth?when one sees the five intertwined rings we think of the Olympics. And wherever we live in this world and see steeples we observe it as a place to worship. So how did these symbols become universal? The Olympic rings and flag were designed after the 1912 Olympic Games in Stockholm. This was the first Olympic Games that participants from all five continents competed. This represented a union of the five original major continents, Africa, America, Asia, Australia and Europe. Thus the five interlocking rings stand for the five continents and the color of the rings symbolic of the national flags in the world. The six colors being black, blue, green, red, yellow on a white background. At least one of these colors is on every national flag in the world. The flag and rings symbolizing the universality of the Olympics. Wikipedia describes a steeple, in architecture, is a tall tower on a building, often topped by a spire. Steeples are a universal symbol on Christian churches and cathedrals and the use of the term generally connotes a religious structure. Buildings with ?pointy tops? trace back as far as architecture itself. Since the inhabitants of Babel erected a tower to ?reach to the heavens,? nations have followed and built structures that point upward. Ancient cultures have shared the conviction that God and heaven are up. This can be seen in the upward design of the pyramids designed by the Egyptians. Towers became part of Churches around 600AD being adapted from military watch towers. Originally they were separate structures that became integrated into the church building and capped with more elaborate roofs that resulted into the steeple which we recognize today. The steeple is the only surviving external architecture accent the puritans would allow to remain in the design of American church buildings. The symbol most recognized on churches old and new is the steeple, often built with bells in the upper portion, providing the finishing touch. In early times these bells served a variety of purposes; called worshipers to service, summon citizens for special announcements or emergencies. In terms of size and shape, steeples vary depending on the architecture of the buildings they are placed upon. But even in their variety, steeples still serve their traditional purpose?to guide people?s eyes toward the heavens. Character and integrity embodies tradition and universal symbols. While styles are continually changing, the symbols of the five intertwined rings for the Olympics, and the steeples continue to mark a place of a house of worship. They are unlikely to change. The elegant design and ideas have influenced our culture. These symbols speak volumes about the values and priorities of our forefathers.

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Source: Universal Symbols?Five Intertwined Rings for the Olympics & Steeples For a Place of Worship


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