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How to Create an Online Business Using Twitter
2010-02-06 00:01:39

Twitter, the site which publishes ?tweets? (140 character posts) was originally intended to answer exhibitionistic tendencies and social needs of people. Tweets such as ?just got home? or ?eating monster banana split at Hugo?s? are common in most people?s twitter accounts. But it was only discovered a few months after that Twitter can also function as a promotional tool for online businesses. It is interesting to know how to create an online business using Twitter. This article is all about imparting the necessary information to do this. Twitter can be used alone or along with other media and websites to attain maximum effect. Musicians can sign up for a Twitter account named after their band and use it to update their followers about the schedules of their gigs. This can also be turned into an effective communication medium wherein the fans can reach the band and share their comments and feedback about a recent gig or about the latest album released. This is especially helpful among non-mainstream musicians who do not receive much publicity in mainstream media. Online retailers like an online clothes store or a flower shop may utilize a Twitter site and turn it into some sort of a message board where the store can update the latest additions to items for sale. Because retailer stores must post pictures of the products being sold (and Twitter does not support this application), business owners can pair up their Twitter feeds with a Multiply or Photobucket site. Any website which supports image hosting will do. Getting enough ideas for your own site? Hold on for more tips on how to create an online business using Twitter. If a business owner is involved in the food and beverages sector, Twitter can also help spread the word about his restaurant or caf?. Restaurants can post tweets about pertinent information regarding the menu for the day (i.e. soup of the day, new additions to the menu, special discounts, and promotions). The business owner can also solicit feedback about new meals. With instant feedback, the businessmen will be able to improve their product for the next day. Computer agents and repairmen can also tweet about recently finished/repaired computer or laptop units, which are ready for pick-up. New computer units for sale can also be tweeted, with information about the unit such as the specs and the price. Again, with the use of image hosting websites, people can display images of computers for sale. Writers who have recently finished writing a new novel or a collection of poems or short stories can tweet about the book and the date of publication. Writer may also keep followers posted by updating them on the dates of meet-and-greet sessions for autographs. If the writer feels generous, he/she may even tweet about an excerpt from his/her latest book. These easy-to-follow tips can instantly turn a simple Twitter site into a vehicle for product promotion. So, to answer the question of how to create an online business - do it with Twitter.

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