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Neways International MLM Opportunity Or A Waste Of Time - An Overview Of This MLM Company
2009-10-30 18:08:07

Neways is a MLM company whose main philosophy is to promote healthy homes by replacing products that contain potentially harmful ingredients with their own safe and effective products. In this Newways Business overview you will find that Neways International, incorporated in 1992, has been championing innovative products that help users maximize health and beauty while minimizing exposure to ingredients that could have negative side-effects. The company strives to combine the best aspects of science with nature to formulate health-friendly-products. It also affords independent distributors the opportunity to build lucrative busineses. Headquartered in Springville, Utah, Neways now operates in 29 countries, with more than 500,000 independent distributors. To ensure the integrity of its products, the company formulates and manufactures all of its products. Revenues are reported to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars. For those interested in running a MLM business, Neways International Sure presents a legitimate opportunity. It starts with their Transfer Buying technique. The idea is to encourage you to use the same budget that purchases your personal care, household, and nutritional products, then switch from usual brands and purchase Neways products instead. Here?s the catch: the products you buy from Neways are at least as good as what you?ve been buying elsewhere, often better; meanwhile you get some of your money back for purchasing Neways products. The process of saving on your purchases and gaining on the purchases of others start the moment you register 3 persons who in turn are able to register 3 persons each. After that, you earn 10% each time any of them makes purchases worth $150 in a month, up to four levels deep, and 5% on additional 2 levels. And by investing a little more time doing this over and over, you may soon discover that you are making more money with your MLM than your paid-employment is bringing. The company is reputed as paying out over 50% of all sales volumes as commissions to distributors. Distributors earn commissions in various ways. One of this is through the growth of your business organization. As this grows, so does your income, since you are paid commissions on the purchases of the distributors in your downline. You also receive personal rebate on your own purchases. In addition, you can make additional profits as a distributor by selling Neways products at retail prices. There is also the Car Bonus Program. This provides additional money each month outside the general commission system to pay for the car selected by the distributor. The safety and effectiveness of Neways products is responsible for the positive public perception towards their brands. There is a strong input from a group of scientists throughout the development processes of all their products. They even have a Scientific Advisory Board. As a result, their products are considered not only safe but also efficacious even in the eyes of the scientific community. One of their frontline products, Durian Fusion, a nutritional supplement, has recorded such success with consumers that a distributor from the United States actually stated that one can create a ?huge Neways business on just Durian Fusion alone?. So the opportunity is there. But bear in mind that this is MLM, where your rewards are directly tied to your efforts and how you market your business and attract serious business minded people, and the efforts of those under you (your downline) to do the same. This presents both a challenge and an opportunity. Successful MLM entrepreneurs see the opportunity in it and surmount the challenge. Is your goal so dear to you that you?ll face the challenge? It?s up to you. But the potential reward is ever present. If you would like to learn how to market and attract quality leaders to your Neways business visit my website and blog for more information on Lead Generation Tips.

Source: Neways International MLM Opportunity Or A Waste Of Time - An Overview Of This MLM Company


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