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In Internet Marketing the System is Everything?How and Why it Works
2009-09-24 21:07:43

Let?s say you have a marvelous product or service (POS) to market. You?ve discovered that there are 1.5 billion people connected to the Internet in more than 100 English-speaking countries. Lots of those folks have a problem that your POS could solve, and they?re searching daily for that solution. The question becomes: What are your chances of hooking up with those prospective customers, using your current method of marketing? Because the Internet marketplace is so large, many, many competitors are already out there pitching their wares. Some of them make plenty of sales and lots of money. My recent investigation suggests, however, that the majority accidentally stumbled into this windfall. They don?t really understand what they?re doing. They?re using outdated marketing methods as if they were still running a small-town store. The vastness of the marketplace accounts for whatever success they enjoy. And then one day you come upon a system designed to market your exact POS. A system created by some 17 year-old (probably) whiz-kid who really understands: 1) the Internet, 2) the principles of marketing, and 3) human nature. Wait a minute. What does human nature have to do with this discussion? Aha, this is the key that makes a system so appealing. Chances are that you, like me, despise selling. I dislike trying to sell things because I?m not good at it. I also don?t like rejection. I don?t know about you, but I prefer doing things that I am good at. For instance, I like making money. A lot. And I?m very good at it. I?ve made boatloads of money in my lifetime. But past earnings pale in comparison to what we can make today on the Internet. Anyway, some genius computer nerd figured out how a computer program could automatically handle the selling part for us. He or she probably patented the program and made about a gazillion dollars overnight, but that?s okay with me. This marketing genius not only solved my problem (i.e. the solution I?ve been searching for,) the system gives me a tremendous advantage over my competitors. You probably already know that most people are slow to change. So let them stay with their old methods. They can watch my dust as I race to the bank with bags full of money. A good marketing system should do most of the following: 1) Train me--step-by-step?exactly how and where to market my POS, 2) Generate effective ads and/or marketing campaigns and show me the best places to place them, 3) Present each prospective customer with professionally written or recorded marketing copy, photos, videos, or audio clips, 4) Provide and explain guarantees--money-back or other, 5) Provide an efficient and secure means for the customer to purchase, 6) Collect and deposit all money to my business account, 7) Keep a current record of all transactions, 8) Deliver the pre-packaged product, 9) Thank each customer for his or her purchase, 10) Follow up at regular intervals with offers of additional POS, 11) For the prospective customer who elects not to purchase immediately, but who provides his or her contact information, follow up with professionally designed automated e-mails (autoresponder.) This repeatedly builds the value of my POS and encourages them to purchase later (special offers, etc.) Wow! If a marketing system can do all that, what?s my job? I must find a proven system that?s suitable for me. I also set aside some marketing funds ($500 to $1000 and up to start) and decide which POS I will market. Then I follow the built-in training to learn how to apply the system well. Once I plug in my POS and set the system into action, my job becomes to oversee and monitor it to be certain that it delivers the results I want. Oh yes, I almost forgot?and to collect my money and use it wisely. Thank you, marketing genius, Sir. It?s a different world today and I'm loving every minute of it.

Source: In Internet Marketing the System is Everything?How and Why it Works


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