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The Hospitality Industry Turns to Narrowcasting Services
2009-04-21 16:01:51

With general retailers, banks, and restaurants using digital media to increase sales and customer satisfaction, it is no wonder that the hospitality industry is also investigating the benefits of digital media in general and narrowcasting in particular to improve their own businesses. Narrowcasting services boast a host of advantages, including: - the ability to respond quickly to changes in customer demographics and respond with appropriate marketing for these changes - impress customers with marketing that speaks to them on a personal level - effective branding techniques - cost-effective advertising that packs a punch - increasing sales by providing point of sale marketing - promotions that increase revenues and move stagnant merchandise - raised awareness of new services and products Turning General Advantages into Hospitality Related Advantages The advantages of narrowcasting services can be adapted to benefit the hospitality industry in particular with a few easy strokes. Hoteliers recognize this path and are turning these advantages into successes in their own field. - No industry shows as dramatic a change in their guest list as a hotel ? one weekend the hotel will be filled with wedding guests and the next weekend could be a convention of Star Trek fans. Definitely different demographics! With a little prior planning, marketing can be done easily and appropriately with narrowcasting services to serve both groups successfully and seamlessly. - Branding techniques are key in the hospitality industry. Business guests want to feel that they are in an environment that caters to their needs, so they will indentify with a hotel that brands itself as such an environment. - Point of sale marketing applies in the hotel world as well. Families can be convinced at the desk upon check in that they are actually interested in the comfort of a suite or adjoining rooms, rather than a smaller room for everyone. - Promotions are the heart of the hospitality industry, with packaged deals and vacations as a few examples of these promotions. Why not get your guests to start considering your hotel chain for their next trip now? - New locations, promotions, and available services can be brought to the guest?s attention through digital media. Narrowcasting Services are Cost Effective and Provide High Impact According to MSN Money, the average price for computers is down 12% in the last year and televisions have dropped 21% in the same time frame. The Consumer Price Index has tracked these same trends over the last decade and shows that computers cost 87% less and televisions are 79% cheaper; these numbers don?t even take into account the vast improvements in technology in this time. With these price drops, even the smallest hotel can now consider implementing narrowcasting services. Large chains can implement a reasonable budget, satisfying shareholders, and still provide chain-wide narrowcasting services that are cost effective. With the ability to highlight local tourist attractions, present menu options for the in-house restaurants, new improvements to the facility, pool hours, concierge services and much more, narrowcasting services provides high impact for both communications and revenues for the hospitality industry, and all while maintaining a reasonable budget: a winning marketing solution for the hospitality industry.

Source: The Hospitality Industry Turns to Narrowcasting Services


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