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Research Before Donating to Charity
2009-03-06 05:16:10

Giving to charity is a wonderful way to show support for those in need. Choosing what charity to give to isn?t always easy. It can be even harder when you are afflicted with the many calls and letters from charities asking for your donation. Don?t allow anyone to push you into a certain charity. That is a choice that you must make for yourself. It can be hard to say no but the unfortunate truth is that you can?t say yes to them all. By making it a point to get involved in your charitable donation, you guarantee that it is going exactly where you want it to. It?s wiser to select your own charity rather than waiting for them to come to you. Many people already have a charity that is close to their heart for personal reasons. That can make it easy because you already know where your donation will be going. However, if you do not have a charity in mind, you will have to start looking. Choosing to give to charity is special and important but it also takes some investigative work. It really isn?t a good idea to give money to charities you have never heard of or complete strangers that claim to represent a certain organization. It?s best to give to someone that you know is legit. During the holidays more people are likely to give donations and many scam artists try to cash in on that fact. Steer clear of anyone that you feel uncertain about and don?t let yourself be bullied into a donation. A real charity would never resort to those tactics. You should also pay close attention to fake charities that may copy the name of a real charity or alter it just enough that you may not notice. You should always know exactly what a charity does and believes in before you donate to them. If you do not share those beliefs, they may not be the best charity for you. Supporting a cause is important and it?s essential that you truly believe in what they are doing. Ask any questions that you need to of them to make the right decision. A smaller charity will usually benefit from your support more than a large one can. Large organizations are well known and often receive corporate support. Those smaller charities can become forgotten about during times of great need. Make note of those in your area that are fighting hard to make a difference in the community. Helping out should start at home. Before you give to any charity you should look them up to make sure that they are not a scam of any kind. Use a Google search or go to to see which ones are for real and which you should report immediately. Use cheques to make payments rather than cash. It is easier to track and keep for your personal records as proof of payment. Get all necessary information about your gift as well such as how much of it goes to helpful programs in comparison with other fees like administration. Charity donations are wonderful ways to show you care but make sure you do your research first.

Source: Research Before Donating to Charity


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