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Is it Legit? Making Money From Home: The Top 6 Ideas
2009-01-21 14:01:27

There are several legit ways of making money from home on your PC, but wading through the scams can be a difficult and frustrating process. So, to help you get started, here's my list of the Top 6 Legit Ways to Make Money From Home: #1. Telecommuting Jobs: You can work for someone else from home, as a telecommuting employee. Examples of this are working from home as a customer service rep, for example. Although telecommuting does provide you the opportunity to make money from home, you?ll still have to answer to someone else, so you aren?t truly your own boss. Still, for some this is preferable since it offers some stability and requires little in the way of marketing skills. #2. Freelancing From Home: Another idea similar to #1 above is that you can work from home as a freelancer. One example of this is running your own transcription service from home. And yes, freelancing is self-employment? but in my experience it?s so similar to a J-O-B that I almost decided to lump them together under a single category. #3. Start an eBay Business: You can easily find stuff to sell on eBay and make a few hundred dollars a month in extra spending cash. This is not hard to do - in fact, it?s one of the first things I did to make money online. However, it?s time-intensive and not easily scalable? in other words, it?s time-consuming and it gets harder and harder to do as your business grows. Still, it?s a good thing to learn, because it can be an easy supplemental source of income, and eBay can be a good place to acquire future customers for your other products. #4. Start an Online Store: You can create and sell your own products from home (like an ebook) or you can find wholesale or dropship suppliers and sell anything from afghans to xylophones online. Now we?re getting into the sort of home business that I get excited about? That?s because this method of marketing and selling products from home offers you the greatest potential for automation (setting up your business so it makes money even when you don?t work), which by the way, is easiest to do when you create and sell information products (i.e., ebooks, instructional video downloads, and so on). #5. Become an Affiliate Marketer: Similar to #4 above, but this always involves selling other people?s stuff online from home. However, instead of fulfilling those orders yourself, you simply send people to someone else's site via a link... that site in turn tracks the sales you send them and then pays you for each sale you refer. This, in my opinion, is the easiest and most affordable way for you to start making money from home. Why? For one, you don?t have to invest in or carry any overhead (especially if you learn affiliate marketing or sell digital products). And, it's highly legit - making money from home with affiliate marketing has been an accepted, tried and true practice for over a decade. Now, the only thing is, it does take considerable work in the beginning to get rolling. For one, you need to build a website that gets traffic (like a blog, for example). It can take months to write content for a site, post that content, get the site ranked high in the search engines, and then monetize your traffic. #6. Direct Selling from Home: You can sell products directly from home that have a large up-front commission, which means you don't have to make a ton of sales to make a decent income. In many such businesses, you can also recruit other people to buy and sell stuff, and keep a referral commission on what they buy and sell, forever. You?ll find this model used in many companies in the direct selling industry. This type of work at home business is my favorite... That?s because it combines the benefits method #4 and method #5 above, plus you keep getting paid on every customer you find, for as long as they remain a customer of that product or service. So, those are the top 6 ways you can start making money from home on your PC. I?ve tried each and every one of them, and I have to say that my favorites are as follows (rated highest to lowest): #1 - Direct selling #2 - Learning affiliate marketing #3 - Selling your own digital information products #4 - Selling on eBay Hopefully, this will help you choose a business model and get ?legit? making money from home. Good luck!

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