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Introducing You to the Cash Gifting Business
2009-01-02 12:50:44

This article is going to be about the cash gifting business. It can be very tough to get an understanding of the business because there is so much information out there both positive and negative. The intent of this article is to inform you of some of the negative while pointing out the positive as well. Some of the negative tends to be myth that continues to perpetuate even if proven wrong. To back up to the very beginning, people always try to find some way to avoid taxes. With this in mind, the IRS created a rule based upon gifting. If someone wants to, he or she can give you up to twelve thousand dollars a year and this can be tax free. The one caveat is that this gift must be done unconditionally. That person can not make any requirements to you of what you will do with that money. This person who gave you the money can give twelve thousand dollars to as many people as he or she wants. This allowed people to reduce the size of their estates so that less money was paid in taxes due to probate. With this rule in mind, the cash gifting business was created. There have been many different individuals who have started these businesses and many have done so under false pretenses. They took in money from people and disappeared, taking people?s hard earned money. As a result, a negative reputation can be found to have permeated into the general vicinity of the cash gifting business. To join a cash gifting business, you will pay a certain amount of money upfront. This money is usually split between several people such as the person who recruited you into the business along with the business to pay for promotional costs such as marketing. The cash gifting business will then take care to track how much money that you receive and give every month. This can allow you to see how you are doing with your investments into other people. It will be clear to you how everything is going. A cash gifting business will also have a set of marketing tools so that you can bring in more people. The influx of new people is important because this allows you to make more money since their upfront fee or gift has a portion given to you. If you do not have any new people joining the business, you will find that the amount of cash coming to you will slow down or dry up completely. That is why it is important that you work on using the marketing tools you are given to the fullest extent possible. Hopefully from reading this you can get a better sense of a cash gifting business. This was simply nothing more than an introduction but that is an important start if you are thinking about this as a possible field you want to build a small business in.

Source: Introducing You to the Cash Gifting Business


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