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Effective Linking Strategies to Promote Your Home Business Website
2008-12-28 06:29:19

When you begin building traffic to your Home Business website, first you will want to focus on gaining link popularity via reciprical and one way links with other related websites. Complimentary but non-competing websites are the best because some search engines consider them more relevent and give you a higher ranking in their respective algorithms. One way to build up the link popularity of your Home Business site is to do link exchanges. Another important way is to submit your website to the major directories such as Yahoo and Open Directory and niche directories relating to the subject matter of your home business site. Another effective way is to simply write articles and submit them them to sites which provide content to other sites. You can add your "resource box" at the end of the article and any site or ezine which posts your article must also post your resource box which includes your websites URL. This will not only increase traffic to your website directly but will also increase your all important "link popularity". This will improve the ranking of your website for given keywords on all the search engines. Writing articles is a superb linking strategy! Here is the process and how it works: 1. Send out articles that you've written. 2. Articles are then reprinted in newsletters or on websites. 3. People then read the articles. 4. They then click on the link to your site at the end of the article. 5. Suddenly you have traffic coming in! You recieve free advertising and webmasters recieve free content, this creates a win-win situation all the way around! That is the magic of writing articles! Additional strategies Tools are one of the most popular techniques used to gain links. Examine some of the popular tools in your industry that have attracted high-quality links before. Then have a programmer create a mash-up of those tools. That way, users can find the answers to all their questions in one location. Creating compelling content is only part of the job. The next aspect is the promotion. This can be incorporated into your traditional media campaigns, such as print and radio. You can also take advantage of social media outlets such as Netscape and Digg. Below are three promotional methods that can help you spread the word. 1. Bloggers ? Find the influential bloggers for your industry and get them to write about your new content. Think like a politician in how you approach the bloggers. Some might be seduced with flattery, while others expect a kickback. 2. Newsletters and Ezines ? Often, sponsoring newsletters is fairly inexpensive, making it easy to run ads in several ezines at a time. This can help to promote buzz by getting in front of a targeted audience. 3. Pay-Per-Click ? Purchase inexpensive keywords related to your new content. This can be especially beneficial for helping to increase traction for the sites that do not rank well. In addition, the branding and exposure from the PPC campaign will be beneficial. People are more likely to link to sites they are familiar with or have seen before. It is all about trust. There are many other ways to promote the content, particularly for those who are good at guerrilla marketing. It is also important to keep the buzz up as the campaign progresses. If things seem to be slowing down, it might be time to contact a few more bloggers or have a radio personality put in a few more plugs. Take full advantage of all the linking possibilities with great content. It can lead to some great backlinks and new customers at the same time.

Source: Effective Linking Strategies to Promote Your Home Business Website


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