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Network Marketing As a Viable Home Based Business Alternative? Come On, You Can't Be Serious!
2008-12-04 12:22:51

?Many people want to know why I recommend a network marketing business, especially since I am not affiliated with any one company, nor did I make my money with a network marketing business.? ? R.K. ?Many people have acquired great wealth building a network marketing business.? ? R.K. The preceding two quotes were taken verbatim from Robert Kiyosaki ? America?s own Rich Dad. Mr Kiyosaki?s Rich Dad franchise speaks for itself. His books have been published in multiple languages and have sold millions upon millions of copies throughout the world. When it comes to straight forward, no-nonsense financial advice, Robert Kiyosaki stands without peer. In all of his teachings, his primary message is directed towards proven methods of building wealth. And he ? Robert Kiyosaki ? with absolutely nothing to gain and everything to lose by way of protecting his world renowned reputation for dishing sound financial advice, wholeheartedly recommends network marketing as a viable method whereby ANYONE can build substantial wealth. Think about that ? millions of people have gotten ahead in life following the advice that Kiyosaki provides in his books. If he were to recommend selling used T-shirts as a path to wealth, people the world over would get into the used T-shirt business based on his endorsement alone. So what does it say about the network marketing industry that Robert Kiyosaki gives it his unequivocal endorsement? There has never been a better time than right now to start a home based business. As our domestic corporate structure continues to crumble ? and the global economy continues to slump ? the home based business industry is quickly becoming a viable alternative for anyone serious about their financial well being. Reason being is people are coming to the realization that the days of an employer assuring their financial security are over. Long gone are the days of J.O.B. security. No longer are employers capable of, or willing to, provide a lifetime of employee benefits. The only thing corporate America has to offer today is a paycheck just large enough to keep the uninitiated hooked on whatever workaday tasks they?re responsible for. For those who want more from life than corporate America?s meager paycheck, a home based business is the answer. There are many options available to choose from, none better than a network marketing business. On many levels, network marketing ? also referred to as social marketing or multi-level marketing ? provides an opportunity for regular folks to build a serious business they can call their own. And when I say ?business?, I mean BUSINESS. Frequently, people have a day job they?ve created for themselves that they may euphemistically refer to as a business. Anytime you have something that consistently requires your direct involvement, you don?t have a business ? you have a job. A true business is there to serve you whereas a job is there to be served by you. The winner?s concept is to get into business in order to get out of business. In other words, yes, building a business does require your direct involvement and will require a good deal of work on your part UP FRONT. But, the eventual goal should always be to build something that generates cash flow with no, or very minimal, involvement. And that, my friends, is the promise of network marketing. After all, what good is the goal of having money without the time or freedom required to enjoy it? A network marketing business is like everything else in life ? you?ll get out of it what you put into it. If you treat your business like a hobby it will wind up costing you money. When you treat it like the legitimate business that it is, you?ll stand a great chance of making money. The most important thing for you to keep in mind is that the name of the industry is net-WORK marketing not net-SIT ON YOUR BUTT AND DO NOTHING marketing. The rewards are there for the taking but those rewards must be earned. When you take a close look at a network marketing company, you?ll notice a structure quite similar to that of a more traditional business. But, the network marketing business model offers a very exciting twist. In a traditional corporate structure, you may or may not be given the opportunity for advancement. As anybody who works within the confines of corporate America knows, climbing the corporate ladder and earning a greater income is dependent upon so many different factors. These many factors can include office politics, your present and past job performance, whether or not there?s an opening for which you?re qualified, whether or not you get along with the person who will make the decision to promote you and on and on and on. Advancement through a traditional corporate structure can be cut throat, frustrating, time consuming and is frequently at the discretion of somebody else?s whim. In network marketing, all of the aforementioned traditional nonsense is non-existent. The structure of a network marketing company is such that those above you will bend over backwards to help lift you to new heights. Network marketing does not discriminate ? your age, race, sex, religious persuasion and political beliefs have no jurisdiction over your potential for success. Everyone ? and I do mean EVERYONE ? has an equal opportunity in the network marketing industry. At the beginning of this article I quoted the great Robert Kiyosaki from his book ?The Business School For People Who Like Helping People?. In the book, Kiyosaki admits that he used to have a closed mind towards the multi-level marketing industry. After studying the industry more closely he came to realize the value to be found in a good network marketing opportunity. He has since changed his thinking and changed his mind and is now a major champion of social marketing. And mind you, Robert Kiyosaki does not have an affiliation with any network marketing firm. His support of the industry is as unbiased as you?ll ever find. I bring this to your attention for one reason and one reason only: open yourself up to the possibilities. If, for some reason, you have a negative view of this industry, check those beliefs at the door and have another look. There is tremendous opportunity to be found in the network marketing industry and it?s up to you to seize that opportunity. This is the first in a series of articles on the MLM / social marketing / network marketing industry. In the next article we?ll examine some of the crucial due diligence steps you MUST take when evaluating a network marketing opportunity. If you?d like to ensure that you don?t miss out on any installments in this series, I?d be happy to send future articles directly to you. Just shoot me an email and I?d be happy to include you on my distribution list.

Source: Network Marketing As a Viable Home Based Business Alternative? Come On, You Can?t Be Serious!


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