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A Review of the Silpada Designs Income Opportunity
2008-09-28 05:50:16

Silpada Designs was founded in 1997 by Bonnie Kelly and Teresa Walsh. The two women met when they were both room mothers for the same classroom and they quickly discovered a mutual affection for sterling silver jewelry. Over time (and several failed business attempts) the women started to design their own jewelry and host their own jewelry parties. Silpada Design has grown since its inception and now it is a company with a vast array of Independent Silpada Designs Representatives. Silpada Designs home shows and jewelry parties bring in an average of seven hundred and fifty dollars in jewelry sales. Unlike other companies who specialize in home parties, Silpada Designs isn?t into being strict about how the home parties are run. Silpada Designs Independent Representatives are free to run their parties how they see fit. This is definitely something that Silpada Designs has in its favor. There is no scripting to follow. People just show up for a fun, mellow house party and (hopefully) buy some jewelry. Of course, there is a lot of freedom to being a representative for Silpada Designs. Representatives aren?t required to throw parties. They can sell the jewelry directly, over the internet, or even over the phone. Silpada Designs Representatives are free to hold as many jewelry parties as they want, which means that they can earn as much money as they want. Representatives can earn prizes, jewelry and even vacations as prizes for doing a good job. The earnings are, of course, limitless (all home based businesses have limitless income). Silpada Designs Representatives earn a thirty percent commission from the retail jewelry sales and a fifteen percent commission on the sales of belts and watches. Belt and watch sales are only a tiny part of the Silpada Designs Rep?s income. Silpada Designs also offers a MLM opportunity, giving partial commissions to the head of a down line on sales made by his or her recruits. Silpada Designs is also unique in that it has no enforced quotas or minimums. Unfortunately getting started is pricey. There is an almost two hundred dollar certification fee for learning materials and then, of course, Silpada Designs Representatives are responsible for buying the jewelry that they will be selling (of course they buy it at a fifty percent discount). This looks like a promising opportunity. The danger lies in that it is presented so simply people might bite off more than they can chew. It?s easy to think you can sell anything, but sales is a fickle business. Over all, though the opportunity is presented well and looks like a simple enough business to run. One part of the business plan that lends this income opportunity instant credibility is that the Silpada Designs Representatives receive their commission immediately upon making a sale. While other companies require all sales profits to be submitted to the company (leaving the representative to wait for a commission), the Silpada Designs Rep simply takes out their commission and then sends the rest to the company.

Source: A Review of the Silpada Designs Income Opportunity


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