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Credit Repair to the Rescue
2008-09-16 12:43:19

Banish your doubts. Embrace the possibilities. Credit repair can make a huge difference in your credit and in your life - if it is done correctly. A credit repair expert and FCRA specialist offers some sound advice. Listen up! Join the ranks of the millions of people that have discovered the benefits of professional credit repair. Far too many people have stood on the sidelines, discouraged by the complexity of their credit report and their own doubts about the effectiveness of the credit repair process. But the word has gotten out. And it?s spreading fast. The credit reporting industry which is made up millions of creditors and the three major credit bureaus is rife with inefficiencies and errors. It?s a fact of life. No one denies it. Congress passed the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) in acknowledgement of the problem and to provide consumers, like us, with free access to our credit reports. This was done with the express purpose of encouraging us to proofread our reports and to have a fair chance to spot and correct the inevitable mistakes. Unfortunately, congress did not do enough. The subject matter is still confusing. Have you looked at your credit reports? They look like they are written in code. And to make things worse the three credit bureaus each offer their reports in completely different formats. So even if you figure out one report the others may still look foreign. Wow. These days, unless you are independently wealthy, there is nothing more important than your credit. If you are going to undertake the task of credit repair you need to know what you are doing. Either learn the craft or hire a credit repair professional. If your car needed a tune up, you wouldn?t just open the hood and try to fix anything that looked out of place. Your credit report is no less complicated. Effective credit repair requires a working knowledge of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) that codifies the responsibilities of the credit bureaus in managing data and in dealing with consumers during the dispute and resolution process. And the FCRA is just the tip of the credit repair iceberg. To do the job right you also need to know the applicable state statute of limitations to guide you in managing collections. You also should be familiar with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) in case you have to deal head-on with a collector. And to top it off, you definitely better know how the FICO credit scoring model works, otherwise you may send your credit score into a tailspin even while you are removing errors. The good news is that a number of truly professional credit repair companies have emerged into public view, courtesy of the Internet. Their expert services are available to anyone who does not have the time or inclination to master the intricacies of the process on their own. If you are a diehard DYI kind of person, then you will love the challenge and probably even enjoy the task of credit repair. But otherwise you should reach out to an expert that will help you reach your credit potential. A word about the Fair Trade Commission (FTC). The FTC is responsible for many of the public warnings about bogus credit repair companies. This was never meant to disparage legitimate professional credit repair services. Every industry has its share of bad apples, and consumers should remain alert when hiring anyone for any reason. Hence, there are a number of prudent precautionary measures I would suggest you consider. Check with the Better Business Bureau. Most credit repair companies are listed with the BBB and you might get a feel for the experience you might have should you decide to do business with a particular firm. To presence of many complaints is a bad sign. But the most important thing that you should do is to pick up the phone. Call a couple of credit repair companies and have a chat. Ask some good questions. Test their knowledge. See how you feel. If you are put off for any reason you might want to try another company. You might also do some research on Google. Just type in the name of the company and see what comes up. The credit repair process can take time and you don?t want to be working with anyone that makes you uncomfortable. I should also note that all of the legitimate credit repair businesses that I have seen charge within the same general range. Small differences are expected in any business, but there may be something very wrong if a company is charging an unusual amount of money. You should also know that the Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA), which governs credit repair companies, does not permit charging fees in advance. A small set up fee charged after the initial file setup is complete is fine and then the monthly feel should be charged at the end of each month of service. A little bit of homework goes a long way. Choose wisely, profit greatly. Good luck! Copyright ? 2008 Ian Webber. All Content. All Rights Reserved.

Source: Credit Repair to the Rescue


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