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Finding the Right Office Space For Your Business
2008-06-18 02:01:16

Some office space is often an essential requirement for a business facing growth and requiring full time staff. Moving from working at home, or even going straight into small business office space requires preparation and planning, as well as a good deal of negotiation to make sure the deal makes sense for you and your young business. Amongst some of the factors you really should consider are the length of lease offered, and the amount of space you?ll require to house your operation, as well as consideration of the bigger picture. From there, you will be required to negotiate the terms to ensure you get the best deal possible for your business. The first relevant factor to consider when negotiating office space is exactly how much space you?ll need. Some office space providers price according to the number of people you?re looking to accommodate, leaving only speculation as to the total area. A more cost effective way of going about it is to ask for a certain space that will be suitable to accommodate all of your staff and equipment. The best way to judge is to ask to inspect the office space before you begin negotiations to determine whether or not it will be suitable to your needs, and regardless of the billed number of desks within the room, you should ensure you are happy with the overall size and are able to meet all your requirements. Insist on viewing all the empty offices just in case one comes with a store room or even a handy little attached kitchenette! Another key term to watch out for when negotiating small business office space is the length of the lease proposed. Generally, office space comes with some minimum tie in period, although this is completely variable depending on the nature of the landlord. There are some that are more flexible, although more often than not, there is a requirement to sign up for around 6 months, a year, or perhaps even longer. As a small business owner, you don?t want to be tied down to office space any longer than you have to. Your business might spurt forward or perhaps falter in which case your requirement for space will also change quickly. Finally do not forget to examine all the amenities. Is there a sandwich shop nearby? How far are you from the nearest train and bus stations? How easy is it to find parking not only for you but your visitors? Negotiate the minimum lease possible at the best possible price. Negotiating office space is not really an art form, but there are some fundamentals you should try to get to grips with if you?re really eager to find the perfect office space for your business. Don?t play your cards to early, and don?t be afraid to ask for a discount or some reduction in the terms offered. You?d be surprised just how flexible some companies can be when faced with losing a potential customer especially in this economic climate. Even after agreeing favorable terms do not commit on the spot. Whatever happens, stick to your guns, and make sure you find the right office for you and your business.

Source: Finding the Right Office Space For Your Business


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