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A Review of the Teleseminar Formula Internet Marketing Course
2008-06-16 15:02:21

Teleseminar formula is a program that helps people start up a business or grow an existing business. The premise of the program is enabling product vendors to create a product line and start reaping profits from that line within 57 minutes or less by utilizing the Teleseminar formula. Bob Jenkins serves as the teacher that guides business owners through the program step by step. The focus of the Teleseminar formula is to teach business owners how to create a profitable product line in a short amount of time. It shows owners how to expand a current email list of prospective customers and turn those individuals into long term clients. Learn how to maintain a current customer base by updating and expanding product lines to meet their needs as well. Overall the formula will show business owners how to determine what exactly customers need from the company and how to meet those needs. The Teleseminar formula starts by having business owners pick a product that they are already familiar with. Next interview someone in that product market who currently sells the product. Create an affiliate relationship with that person and promote their product during phone calls with current or prospective customers. Once the affiliate relationship has been formed and the phone call made, sit back and reap the financial benefits of the relationship. Client support is readily available to help guide new members through learning the formula and putting it into action. Clients will learn how to run a successful Teleseminar and possible reap $13,000 in profits from that initial phone call. Details are provided on how to utilize software to create effective Teleseminar phone calls each time. Learn how to make customer listen up and take action on products being offered for sale. Marketing is an essential aspect of this program. Teleseminar Formula will be taught how to create a marketing program to market that affiliate product. Learn how to take marketing to the next level where the bottom customer base works to expand Teleseminar customers and so on until a well established customer marketing product base is in place. It takes approximately ten days to learn how the formula works and how to successfully put it into action. Interested individuals create a user account online to get started with the services. Membership is free and users receive instant access to the formula and related information. To start registered users receive a 50 page e-book, study guide and audio recording to get them started in the right direction In this information the formula is revealed and discussed. Users learn the seven essential steps in making the program work for them. These steps include what products and services produce the greatest value; where to find free software and how to use it; where to find an affiliate program free of charge and the one key word that will ensure success with every affiliate product call. Teleseminar Formula is a fantastic way to grow a new business or enhance an existing business. Customer service is friendly and ready to help in any way possible. There is an online community of other users created that will help new users learn the nuances of the system and see success from it as well. It is a valuable program that is worth a look into by any new or existing business owner in the products market.

Source: A Review of the Teleseminar Formula Internet Marketing Course


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