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About Us

Kheir Consulting is a company specializing in business strategy and marketing solutions for small and medium sized businesses. We help businesses plan, promote and profit through a strategic approach that assists in creating a smarter business that can make faster and better decisions. From business concept to effective marketing, resulting in actual sales, Kheir Consulting uses over a decade of practical and theoretical experience to help businesses to earn better profits through end to end marketing expertise.

Andy Kheir - Founder
  • MBA - Marketing and Strategy
  • BA - Economics
  • BA - Political Science

We specialize in understanding the entire marketing vertical.

  • overall business strategy including vision and mission statements
  • core activity definition
  • product market focus definition
  • market analysis
  • competition analysis
  • industry analysis (such as SWOT and PEST)
  • target market segmentation
  • market research and analysis
  • target market demographic and physcographic profiling, motivational decision mapping, buying process mapping and other needed insights
  • feature benefit analysis drill-down to emotional level
  • value proposition definitions
  • marketing strategy (traditional 4 P's of marketing - Price, Place, Product, and Promotion) - from the why perspective
  • marketing plan (branding, advertising and promotion, sales strategy, sales plan, customer loyalty programming and systemization) - from the how perspective

We only service the Small and Medium sized Business segment (SMB Market).

We do not bill and run.

We do not promise unrealistic results.

We do not provide in depth services in finance, operations, or human resources.

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